Israeli authorities confirm the effectiveness of COVID vaccination.


While in some countries some residents are protesting against COVID vaccination, the Israeli authorities declare the effectiveness of this method of fighting the pandemic. Israeli authorities purchased vaccines from Pfizer and BioNTech to vaccinate their citizens. Today, it has the largest percentage of the world’s population that received the vaccine. More than 95 percent of Israel’s population has been vaccinated. As a result of such an active vaccination campaign, the percentage of cases of coronavirus infection has decreased by 95 percent. The death rate and serious consequences after COVID also decreased by 99%.

Also, the vaccine is effective not only to protect against infection but also to prevent transmission by 89.4 percent. Thus, the spread of the virus is reduced significantly.
Almost half of the adult population in Israel received one dose of the vaccine, and 30% of the population received two doses. Vaccination does not apply to children yet.
Due to vaccinations, the incidence rate in the country has dropped significantly and the Israeli authorities have eased quarantine restrictions.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the government will develop a plan to reduce quarantine restrictions for people who have been vaccinated. The government plans to allow them to go to restaurants, cultural events, and travel abroad

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