Kiss for health.


Showing emotion is a basic skill for each of you. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to properly express their emotions that affect mental health negatively. But, there is one way of expressing emotions that is available to everyone. It’s a kiss that can be friendly, intimate, or passionate. A kiss helps to express love and affection. At the same time, a kiss can be both in a time of sadness and joy.

However, not everyone knows that kissing and hugging is not only an emotional pleasure but also good for health.

Scientists have conducted several studies and established the importance of kissing and hugging for every person. Therefore, you should be generous with hugs and kisses to your loved ones. It will benefit both them and you. It is a powerful therapeutic agent that has no side effects or contraindications.

The benefits of kisses and hugs.
Increased levels of the hormone endorphin.
A kiss has a calming effect on the nervous system. In this state, your body starts producing more endorphins. This hormone helps reduce stress levels and has a positive effect on various biochemical processes in your body. Scientists claim that the effect of one kiss can be compared to the effect of a minimal dose of morphine. Feeling euphoric helps you improve your mood and mental well-being.

Also, people who want to keep their weight within their normal range can use kissing for this. A passionate kiss for one minute helps burn 12 calories. Thus, you can complement your day with this pleasant activity to burn those extra calories.

Even if you don’t plan on losing those extra pounds, kissing will benefit you, too. This is a good way to strengthen your physical standing and increase your body’s resistance to viruses and infections. During a kiss, people exchange proteins, fats, minerals, and bacteria with their partners. The transfer of microbes to each other helps to strengthen the immune system. This is due to the production of antibodies against foreign bacteria.
If you are experiencing a little pain, you can use the kiss as a pain reliever. Endorphin affects nerve impulses, and the pain level is reduced. If you have a headache, you can try kissing it off.

Dentists recommend that their patients kiss as often as possible to prevent tooth decay. They claim that a lot of salivae is secreted during a kiss, which ensures that calcium and phosphorus get into the mouth.

Kissing is a way to prolong the youthfulness and attractiveness of your face. Kissing requires many facial muscles to work. Therefore, they receive the necessary load, which helps them to stay in good shape and receive the necessary oxygen. If you don’t like doing facial exercises, you can replace them with kisses.

Kissing prevents insomnia and improves sleep quality. Scientists claim that the soothing effect of kissing has a positive effect on the nervous system and brain function. They relax while this process, and you can fall asleep faster. Kiss each other before bed.

Also, kissing is essential for pregnant women to harmonize their hormonal systems. Regular kissing with a loved one helps to increase the level of endorphin, soothes her, and gives her a sense of security. If your pregnant woman is constantly crying or in a bad mood, it means that she does not get enough kisses.

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