Kombucha: The Easiest Way to Support Your Gut Health


One major concern this time of year is how to undo the excess of the holidays. Helping the gut microbiome is a start. Health-Ade Kombucha is a fermented tea that contains probiotics—the same stuff you get from miso, sauerkraut, and yogurt—which can help add to the healthy bacteria in your gut. Have a serving in the morning to aid in digestion throughout the day.

Kombucha, whose roots extend back a couple of centuries to China, starts as black tea. It’s combined with bacteria—a big slimy mushroom-looking disc called a SCOBY—and for a few days to a week, the bacteria pull the sugar from the tea and turns it into a fermented, fizzy, sour drink. And while there’s not enough alcohol to get you drunk, there’s a slight bit of it in there as a byproduct of fermentation. (Health-Ade takes four weeks per kombucha brew.)

Of course, the probiotics are the star of the show. In addition to regulating gut health, probiotics are thought to reduce the duration of fatigue after intense exercise, as well as combat depression. Health-Ade boasts a series of healthy brews with none of the additive sugars that more inauthentic brands introduce to their drinks. Visit health-ade.com.

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