Learn About the Health Effects of Elevated Uric Acid in ‘Drop Acid’


Dr. David Perlmutter writes books that change the way people think about nutrition. Among his five New York Times best-sellers, he’s explored topics such as the effects of carbohydrates (Grain Brain) and intestinal microbes (Brain Maker) on the body. His latest book, Drop Acid, puts a spotlight on uric acid. It’s a waste byproduct that Dr. Perlmutter says can threaten your health if you have too much of it.

“The most threatening pandemic of our modern times is not a virus,” Dr. Perlmutter wrote in a blog post. “The number one cause of death on our planet are [sic] chronic, metabolic conditions and the multitude of diseases they produce. These include diabetes, overweight and obesity, cardiovascular disease, and even Alzheimer’s. These conditions are by and large not genetic. They are the consequences of our lifestyle choices—especially those related to food.”

One substance that can lead to many health issues

Uric acid is created when your body breaks down purines. Purines are produced in the body and found in goods such as anchovies, dried beans and peas, and beer. Dr. Perlmutter says that in addition to purines, uric acid has two more sources: alcohol and fructose. He calls fructose “the gateway for metabolic problems.”

Elevated levels of uric acid can lead to gout, but Dr. Perlmutter finds it’s much more than that. He claims uric acid plays an important role in “metabolic mayhem” that can be linked to weight gain and elevated blood sugar. He also points to connections with cardiovascular disease, erectile dysfunction, and cognitive decline.

In Drop Acid, Dr. Perlmutter writes about the science of uric acid, as well as the simple dietary changes that can lower uric acid levels and positively impact your metabolism. He also shows how you can test your own uric acid levels at home, so you can reach your optimal levels.

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