Lenses are quite a safe way to correct vision.


Unfortunately, many people have vision problems and require correction in the modern world. There are several ways to correct vision, such as surgical or laser surgery, glasses, or contact lenses. The choice of the method of vision correction depends on the type of problem and the preference of the person.

The most common types of vision correction are glasses and contact lenses. Each of them has its pros and cons, but you should remember the simplicity of comfort and eye health when choosing one.

It is worth noting that glasses have advantages over other types of vision correction because they are do not require complicated care and maintenance, they are cheaper than contact lenses, they do not need to be changed often. Also, glasses can be used as a fashion accessory and create beautiful images.

Nevertheless, modern contact lenses are beginning to occupy a leading position among methods of vision correction. The advantages of the lenses are huge, but the main thing is that they sit right on your eyes, and there are no obstacles for vision, especially peripheral.

Advantages of lenses:

More effective vision correction for myopes.
Unlimited field of view.
Help you in any traveling conditions, taking sports up.
Do not fog up in frosts like glasses lenses.
There is no annoying glare.
There is no danger of injury.
Ability to change eye color.

Before you decide to wear contact lenses, you need to know some facts that will help you use the lenses correctly.

Contact lenses become dry towards the end of the day.
Contact lenses touch the shell of the eye and the natural eye liquid that contains salt washes the lenses. By the end of the day, the water from the lenses evaporates and the salt remains and the lenses dry. Therefore, you may experience dryness in eyes. After you remove them and place them in a special liquid for lenses, they will again acquire the necessary liquid. But, if you cry, the salt comes out and the lenses get wet. But tears can irritate the lining of the eyes and inflammation appears.

Contact lens manufacturing technology is constantly evolving.
Modern lenses are comfortable and safe compared to lenses that were produced at the beginning of the 20th century. Technology development is constantly growing, and this year three-layer lenses were released. Two outer layers are made of hydrophilic gel, and the inner layer of silicone hydrogel, which dissolves well in water. These lenses do not dry the surface of the eyeball, and they are very comfortable to use.

Night lenses for vision correction.
Scientists have developed contact lenses that you use at night and wake up in the morning with good eyesight. These lenses alter the shape of the cornea and its curvature. As a result, your vision is restored for a while, and you can see without glasses and lenses. It is worth noting that night lenses help correct vision only with moderate short sight.

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