Longevity is in our hands


Throughout the history of mankind, people have been trying to discover the secret of longevity. Scientists conduct many types of research in various areas of life, including the effects of nutrition, physical activity on a person’s life expectancy. The author and researcher Dan Buttner joined the research on this issue. His many years of research have interesting results. According to the results of his observations in the world, there are five areas where life expectancy is the highest. He called them “blue zone” and to understand why people live in these zones longer, he spent quite a long time in them to study from a lifestyle, after which he discovered several common factors that could reveal the secret of longevity.

Movement is life
In the pace of modern life, most urban residents view the movement as an exercise in the gym or fitness. But for the human body, this is not enough. Centenarians move a lot in everyday life. They clean the house, cook, walk to the store, and take care of their garden. Movement for them is like breathing, it is a natural process that they do not think about.

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Goal setting
People who live for a long time know why they do it. They understand why they should wake up in the morning and where to move. These are not necessarily must be global goals, rather small goals that you will achieve in a short time. Achieving goals gives a person confidence and a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Researches show that people who set goals live seven years longer. But the goal should be achievable and not immerse you in stress.

To be part of the community
According to Dan Buettner, all the centenarians he met in the blue zone are members of a religious community. It doesn’t matter what kind of faith these people hold. Weekly attendance at religious ceremonies extends life by approximately four years. This is because a person filled with positive emotions, calms down and the level of stress in the body is declining.

Tension Control
Everyone knows that all problems with our bodies occur due to stress, but the modern world is so arranged that the level of stress just to be too much, and people have no resources to cope with it. Nobody will be able to completely get rid of stress, but everyone can reduce their level. For example, some centenarians have an hour of positive emotions or allow themselves to take a nap in the middle of the day. For someone, the best way to deal with stress is to attend a religious ceremony or spend time with children. They allow themselves something that brings them joy and fills them with positive emotions.

Do not overeat
The availability and variety of food have led people to not control the amount of food eaten. Overeating has caused massive obesity in Americans. Listen to the advice of centenarians and eat less junk food after lunch. Give preference to light food and do not overfill the stomach. Also, residents of the blue zone prefer plant foods and eat meat just on holidays or weekends. Their diet is dominated by foods such as tofu, legumes, corn, and pumpkin. After eating you should have a feeling of slight hunger.

Drink alcohol carefully.
Centenarians do not advise giving up alcohol completely. They proved by their example that a glass of quality red wine will help your vessels. Therefore, do not be afraid to drink one glass at a meeting with friends, just make sure that it is only one glass and not the whole bottle. It is also necessary to pay attention to the quality of alcohol that you drink.

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Look who surrounds you
Our environment affects our lives more than we can imagine. If you are trying to lose weight, and people around you think that this is a bad idea, then, in the end, you will also stop caring about your body. Therefore, if you want to live a long and happy life, you should surround yourself with people who also share your principles of life.

The relationship is the foundation of life
All who live longer than others consider the family as the greatest gift. They communicate with all relatives very closely, take care of each other. They try to live not far from their parents, grandparents so that they can see them every day.

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