Basketball star Kobe Bryant died: thousands of people hearts are broken


A terrible crash in California took the lives of 9 people, including basketball star 41-year-old basketball legend Kobe Bryant and his kid. The official statement of local authorities announced everyone who was on this helicopter died.

Картинки по запросу Kobe Bryant
All news sources, both large and small, quickly spread the news. No one was indifferent.
According to Adrian Voinarovsky of ESPN, Bryant has used this helicopter for the first time. He often used it during his career as a basketball player, but this time he wanted to watch a basketball game with his daughter.

Картинки по запросу Kobe Bryant

The former 6-foot-6 tall forward was an invaluable NBA player. He repeatedly brought victory to his team. His many awards and goblets speak of his talent and big industriousness.

On the eve of his death, Bryant became popular on social networks. He congratulated his colleague, Lakers striker James, on having reached the top of the NBA record, sincerely, although LeBron leaving Bryant behind. Bryant expressed his respect to him and wished him to further promote the game.

Having finished his career as an athlete, Bryant went on to win Hollywood. As it turned out, he made the right choice. Success was on his side. He decides to create a film and took own poem as a plot, which he wrote in 2015 before the completion of the basketball. Taking on the role of actor and screenwriter, he manages to create a high-quality product, which received high marks from critics and took the Oscar statuette in 2018. But he went further and co-authored a series of books that described the everyday life of a young basketball team.

Картинки по запросу Kobe Bryant oscar

They live the dream of victory, and they resort to magic to achieve the desired result. How events will develop read in the books of The Wizenard.

Athletes and show business stars expressed their condolences on their pages on social networks, where thousands of people joined them. The departure of the basketball legend will forever remain a pain in the hearts of the people.

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