Lip augmentation: negative consequences.


The popularity of the correction of appearance is increasing every year. If a few decades ago, such intervention was available only to people with high incomes, today many types of correction of appearance are available to everyone. One of the most popular beauty treatments is lip augmentation. Using this procedure, you can increase the volume of your lips, reshape them, remove asymmetry and wrinkles.

As a rule, doctors use hyaluronic acid to enlarge the lips, which is injected into soft tissues. Only certified specialists can perform injections.

Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid preparations is one of the safest methods, but with a short-term effect. You can enjoy the result for no more than a year, then you will need a second procedure.

Even though this procedure is not difficult, sometimes complications appear after it, which distort your appearance and give you a lot of discomforts. Some of them are temporary and disappear after a certain time.

Lip augmentation is a traumatic procedure. Therefore, if you have a delayed blood stop, then the probability of hematomas is high. Also, you should not use the procedure during menstruation, after taking alcohol and blood-thinning drugs. In these situations, the probability of bruising increases significantly.
If hematomas develop after the procedure, do not panic, and do not blame the specialist for the mistake. They will disappear in a few days.

Like hematomas, swelling appears from soft tissue injury. Also, the drug that is injected or your reaction to it can cause this effect. Also, hydrophilic drugs absorb a lot of water and cause swelling. As a rule, after a few days, it goes away, and you can enjoy your beauty.

Incorrect placement of hyaluronic.
Sometimes the drug injected takes the wrong side and can ruin the shape of your lips. In this case, the reasons for the displacement may be incorrect lip augmentation technique or your violation of the rules and recommendations of a specialist after the procedure.

The unprofessionalism of a specialist can lead to a sad result. Lips must be in the right shape after the procedure and have natural look. The wrong choice of a drug leads to a violation of the symmetry of your lips. Sometimes, the activity of your muscles can be the cause of asymmetry, too. In this case, it is a difficult task even for a professional to predict such a result.

Muscle spasm.
The traumatic procedure and injection of the drug can lead to muscle spasms around the lips. In this case, it goes to the back of the lip, and you don’t get the desired result.

If you decide to use a lip augmentation procedure, you should choose the right specialist and not skimp on the drug. Unfortunately, some people try to save money and get bad results. A quality product and professional services come at a price.

Also, this procedure can harm your health if you suffer from diabetes, autoimmune diseases, poor blood clotting, and herpes.

The result of the lip augmentation procedure does not satisfy the client. Do not panic. The specialist can return everything by introducing a special enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid.

Lip augmentation procedure with hyaluronic acid is quickly one.  You need to find 30 minutes to get your dream lips. At the same time, specialists do anesthesia with an anesthetic cream or injection to you feel comfortable. The cream has less effect and is suitable for people with a high pain threshold. If you are afraid of pain, then use anesthetic injections.

The specialist advises on lip care after the procedure. Also, you cannot use facial massage, visit the sauna, a solarium for ten days after the procedure. If you break these rules, then you can get defects on your new lips or other side effects.

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