Pause in a relationship: pros and cons.


Relationships in any couple require a lot of work and energy from both partners. But despite all the efforts, a crisis comes in each relationship. Unfortunately, not all couples go through problems and decide to take a break in the relationship.

Not all psychologists agree with this decision, although some couples have used the pause as a way to improve their relationship, and it helped them.

As a rule, the dissatisfaction of one partner in the relationship leads to a pause in a relationship. At the same time, love continues to live, and partners cannot break up and do not want to live without each other.
Can a pause in a relationship fix the situation and strengthen your relationship? There is no definite answer.

During a pause, you can break the habit of each other, and if your relationships were built on a habit, then the pause will lead to separation. And that’s a good thing because relationships should be built on love, not a habit.

Sometimes, a pause helps you to become aware of what you are experiencing for your partner and make the right decision.

However, one of the partners may want to take a break in the relationship due to a lack of personal space. He/she wants to be alone, but this does not mean that he/she does not love you.

Different problems that need to be solved can be the reasons for a pause in a relationship.

Reduced passion
As a rule, passion is the basis of the relationship at the beginning. Over time, your relationship takes on different shades, and affection, tenderness, and care appear in them. Passion can subside a little, and in some couples, it can disappear altogether. When this happens, partners think that love is over. You can control your passion and improve your intimate life. Taking a pause will not help you solve this problem in the long run. Perhaps after separation, your passion will resume not for a long time, but if you do not develop this part of your relationship, it will fade again.

Inability to communicate.
Communication skills help build any relationship. At the same time, you must be able to correctly express your thoughts, feelings, and listen to your partner. As a rule, most couples express grievances to each other and do not try to resolve the conflict through negotiations. Learn to hear your partner’s words, understand their requests, and honestly talk to him/her about the opportunity to fulfill them. The result of this communication will be a strong and honest relationship that will please you.

Constant stressful situations.
Unfortunately, each of you is exposed to stress during the day, and this affects your relationship with your partner. Problems at work, financial troubles, and others take all of your energy, and you cannot give your partner what he/she wants in the relationship. Therefore, he/she may feel dissatisfied and make complaints. Try to explain the situation and do your best to make your life less stressful.

Not everyone can forgive treason. Few people can forget everything and continue the relationship. If a couple is facing such a challenge, the decision to break up should be made when all emotions have died down. Pause is the best solution for many people in these situations. They can think about the situation without emotions.

Even though you cannot predict your future, you want to have some kind of guarantee that your partner will be with you. Therefore, when one of the partners does not see a common future, the second partner is disappointed. Therefore, he/she takes time out to decide whether to continue the relationship.

Types of breaks in relationships.
The reasons for the pause can be various factors that affect the length and type of pause.

Pause to test your partner.

One of the partners may decide to pause in the relationship to see their partner’s behavior during that pause. As a rule, these are insecure people who doubt the feelings and loyalty of their partner.

A pause is a time to be alone with yourself.

Each person goes through different stages of his / her development, and sometimes he/she needs time alone with himself/herself to make important decisions.

A pause from despair.

As a rule, it is a pause after a difficult quarrel or betrayal. One of the partners is forced to leave for a while to deal with feelings.

Pause as a kind of protest.

It is a manipulation that you use to show your partner that you are unhappy in this relationship or punish the partner for his/her behavior.

Only you can decide to pause the relationship or not. Of course, your friends and family can give you advice, but none of them can be in your shoes, so they cannot give you the right piece of advice. If you decide to take a break in your relationship, tell your partner about it. It is your inner decision that will benefit you. Sometimes a break in a relationship is a natural process for couples who spend too much time with each other. They become oversaturated and lose interest in each other. It leads to fights and loss of passion.
Therefore, if you are facing a crisis in your relationship, you can pause if you do not see another solution to this problem. Sometimes, a pause can be a lifesaver for both partners.

Before making a decision, you should think about the consequences of a pause. It can be saving or destroyer for your couple.

The consequences of a pause in a relationship:

  • ending a relationship,
  • improving relationships and moving to a new level,
  • alienation and the emergence of a new partner.

If you decide to take a break in your relationship, you should follow some rules that will help you avoid sad consequences.

Pause rules in a relationship:

  • don’t pause for more than a month.
  • explain to your partner the reason for this decision,
  • say that this is not a breakup, but time for reflection.
  • determine the exact end date of the pause after which you discuss the future of your relationship.
  • don’t start a new relationship during a break.

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