Pfizer vaccine effectiveness.


COVID-19 vaccination is gaining momentum. More and more people want to get the vaccine to protect themselves from getting sick. Vaccine developers are continuing to improve their vaccine and are studying its impact on preventing the spread of a pandemic. One of the developers, Pfizer / BioNTech, claims that his vaccine has a high level of effectiveness even after six months after receiving the second dose of vaccine.

According to official information, the effectiveness of the vaccine is 91.3% after receiving the second dose. In the United States, this figure is about 92.6%.
Scientists claim that this vaccine was tested on the South African strain B.1.351. Scientists have received a positive result, which has confirmed its effectiveness.
The results of the study make it possible to obtain a license for a biological drug in the FDA.
Also, a company spokesman said their vaccine is safe for adolescents and children.

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