Physical activity for pregnant women.


Pregnancy is the period that provokes physical and hormonal changes in the body. Many women experience body discomfort during this period and begin to move a little, preferring to lie on the couch. Unfortunately, such a solution to the problem provokes a deterioration in the woman’s condition.

Scientists are confident that pregnancy is not a reason to give up physical activity. Doctors say that some kind of sports can harm a woman’s health. Therefore, you should select the correct exercises.

Only a doctor can tell you if you can do a particular sport. If your health does not allow you to exercise, you can walk every day. Sometimes doctors forbid a pregnant woman to move at all in cases of risk of miscarriage. But, if your condition is within the normal range, be active.
You can use simple exercises that do not put a lot of stress on your body but improve blood circulation in your muscles and oxygenate your cells. These include:

  • turns and tilts of the neck in different directions;
  • tilts of the torso with an arm raised from a sitting position on a chair
  • swings, circular movements, raising and lowering arms;
  • swing legs sideways and back and forth, holding on to the support;
  • rolling from heel to toe, walking on toes;
  • walking;
  • swimming;
  • squats.

Doctors do not recommend doing these exercises:

  • exercises for the press;
  • lifting weights;
  • twine and stretching;
  • jumping;
  • run.

If you were active in sports before pregnancy, you can use more advanced exercises, but always pay attention to your feelings.

Physical activity brings many health benefits to a pregnant woman:

  • reduces the risk of serious tears during childbirth;
  • improves the delivery of oxygen to the child;
  • relieves psychological stress;
  • improves the metabolism of the fetus and woman;
  • accelerated recovery of the body after childbirth;
  • reduces the risk of gaining excess weight during pregnancy.

Properly selected exercises for pregnant women are important for expectant mothers and their babies. They help improve your physical and emotional well-being. Therefore, use every opportunity to move. At the same time, observe your condition and alternate rest with proper physical activity.

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