Reason for headache – food.


Headache causes many problems and deprives a person of life to the fullest. Scientists have found that women are more prone to headaches than men due to the hormonal system. During stress, the level of the hormone estrogen decreases, which affects the level of serotonin, which is responsible for mood. Decreased serotonin levels can cause increased anxiety and lead to depression. Also, these factors contribute to the occurrence of headaches.

Scientists identify several types of headaches that occur under the influence of various factors:
headache from nervous tension;
headache from sinusitis;
headache from arthritis;
headache from diseases of the bone base and jaw.

Regardless of the causes of the headache, they all affect internal or external triggers and cause pain.

As a result of many years of research, scientists have found that many factors provoke the occurrence of a headache, and among them is food.

Therefore, if you suffer from a chronic headache, start keeping a nutrition diary. You may find a product that is causing your headache. Among the most common foods that cause headaches are coffee, chocolate, and alcohol. But we draw your attention to the fact that the same product can affect each person in different ways. You must listen to your body and notice its reaction to a particular product. It is important to keep a food diary. By writing down everything you eat during the day, you can understand how a particular product affects you.

Dietary triggers are one of the most common causes of migraines or vascular headaches. If you find a product that causes a headache, immediately eliminate it from your diet. According to research, there is a list of products that need special attention to determine headaches. These products most often cause headaches.

Chocolate is made from cocoa, which affects the nerve endings and can cause migraines. Although many people notice that chocolate helps reduce headaches. The causes of headaches are individual, and therefore the effect of cocoa is also individual. But the fact is that 22% of Americans notice a headache after eating chocolate.

Alcohol in any form dehydrates the body and this leads to a headache. Also, increased blood circulation after drinking alcohol can cause an increase in blood pressure, which has such a symptom as a headache. Also, sulfites are used in the production of alcoholic drinks, which can cause headaches.

In the world of science and research, coffee is a product that causes a lot of controversy among scientists. Over the past few years, scientists have concluded that moderate amounts of caffeine have benefits. But its excessive use affects the work of the cardiovascular system and can cause a headache.

Some people notice that after consuming aged cheese they have a headache. Scientists attribute this to the substance tyramine, which forms in aged cheese. To date, there is no evidence that aged cheese is a trigger for a headache, but scientists are conducting studies that will establish or refute this fact.

Ice cream.
In fact, a headache after the ice cream is a reaction to the cold. The components that are included in the ice cream board are not a trigger for a headache, but the process of its temperature can cause a headache in people with diseases of the jaw and teeth. As a rule, such pain does not last long.

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