Unusual debate. Who ended up on top?


The argument between Mark Wahlberg and Dr. Oz goes to a new level. After these two expressed their views on the need for breakfast, the media did not get tired of setting the fire. Recall that Dr. Oz insists that breakfast is a useless meal and it is better to exclude it. After this statement, Mark expressed his disagreement. He believes that breakfast is necessary to maintain energy in the body.

The dispute took place on social networks and led to the hashtag # TeamNoBreakfast. Subscribers of social networks have divided into two camps and are fought fiercely struggle in support of their idol.

And finally, Wahlberg and Dr. Oz decided to put an end to this network war and resolve the dispute by force. No, they did not fight; the dispute was be resolved using push-ups.

The meeting took place in Los Angeles. Training room F45 was ready for the long-awaited meeting. It was found that each of the arguers should squeeze 59 times. At first glance, it might seem that this is not many numbers of approaches, but the doctor’s age was taken into account and a decision was made about such several push-ups. And then came the moment of truth. The doctor surprised everyone, he showed a good result, despite losing. An opponent went around him for a few seconds and did 60 push-ups, but the doctor lost with dignity.

Losing to Wahlberg to the push-up competition, the doctor won in the other side. As it turned out, Wahlberg began to experience intermittent fasting and refused breakfast. So it is not known who was on top.

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