Recommendations of cosmetologists on how to get rid of skin stretch marks.


The skin reacts to various factors, both internal and external. Your diet, physical activity, and sudden weight changes can lead to stretch marks on your skin. As a rule, this is a cosmetic defect that does not harm your health. They mainly appear on the abdomen, thighs, chest, or buttocks. Stretch marks are breaks in collagen fibers that are replaced by connective tissue.

Depending on the stage of development of stretch marks, they can change color. New stretch marks are red and begin to lighten over time.

Therefore, if you notice red stretch marks on your body and it bothers you, you have a chance to get rid of them.

Sharp changes in the skin, which does not have time to adapt to the new weight.
Pregnancy. The abdomen is enlarged, and the skin is stretched during this period.
Unhealthy food. Lack of protein and proper fats reduce collagen, and the skin loses its elasticity. Also, excess sugars destroy collagen.
Disruption of the hormonal system.
Body-building. The strong increase in muscle mass and the low percentage of subcutaneous fat provoke rupture of collagen fibers.

Therefore, if you want to preserve the beauty of your skin and avoid the appearance of stretch marks, you should gain or lose weight slowly, no more than 2% of the total weight in 1 month.
Also, cosmetologists claim that you can prevent the appearance of stretch marks if you follow a certain way of life, namely:

  • eat a balanced diet and drink enough water,
  • exclude sugary drinks and alcohol,
  • drink coffee without sugar and various additives,
  • train.

Massage is a very effective way to prevent stretch marks. It improves blood circulation to the skin. As a result, collagen production is activated, and the skin becomes more elastic.

During the massage, you should use oils such as olive, almond, grape seed, wheat germ, which saturate the skin with vitamins and nutrients. Oils help retain moisture in the deep layers of your skin.

Also, exfoliation and body wraps can help improve the elasticity of your skin.

If stretch marks appear on your skin, beauticians can offer you an apartment procedure that reduces the appearance of stretch marks.
These include:

  • Mesotherapy,
  • Laser skin resurfacing,
  • Fractional thermolysis.

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