Regular exercise is the best cure for chronic fatigue.


Despite the causes of your chronic fatigue, scientists recommend sports. You don’t have to exhaust your body in the gym to get rid of fatigue. Workout can be light, comfortable, and energized. Squats are the best way to reduce stress and improve performance. Even an hour’s walk improves your physical and psychological well-being. Therefore, if your life is stressful and working at the computer, you should exercise regularly.

You can perform squats even in the office. If you feel that your strength is leaving you, find a secluded place and squat. Although, if you have high blood pressure, you need to do the squats very slowly or replace them with side bends. However, these exercises do not require a lot of time, additional equipment, and a lot of space.
Scientists have proven time and again the benefits of physical activity for more than just your fitness. Your health, psyche, and brain all benefit from physical activity. Now, more and more doctors are recommending workouts to their patients as a way to treat fatigue. They believe that regular exercise helps to increase activity and concentration, and improves overall cognitive function.
Your physical and mental states are closely related. If your nervous system is under constant stress, this is reflected in your physical condition. Moderate intensity training triggers the release of endorphins, which act as a natural pain reliever, improve sleep and reduce stress. Therefore, scientists believe that exercise has the same positive effect on your mental state as meditation or breathing practices.
Regular exercise isn’t just about exercising your body. This is self-discipline too. Therefore, people who exercise regularly know how to achieve their goals, have a high level of self-confidence and increased self-esteem. Thus, your workout is the path to a better life.
In addition, many modern people suffer from increased anxiety, which takes away their energy. Exercise helps reduce stress levels, relieves increased anxiety, and stimulates the production of hormones that calm your brain.

The main enemy of your calm mental state is the hormone cortisol. The main provocateur of this hormone is stress. In doing so, it affects blood sugar levels, metabolism, immunity, heart rate, and blood pressure. High cortisol levels push your body to the edge. Therefore, you get tired very quickly. Exercise triggers small amounts of cortisol, so your body learns to handle it and respond appropriately. Small doses of cortisol train your body to cope with high cortisol levels in stressful situations.

Exercise increases blood circulation so your body’s cells receive more oxygen and nutrients. Thus, your stamina increases, and you can cope with various stressful situations.
You can use additional ways to improve your condition. You can do breathing practice 10-15 minutes after training or at another time convenient for you. In this way, you will increase the effectiveness of your workout and restore your strength and energy.
Unhealthy diets rich in sugar and trans fats can drain your energy, too. Therefore, you should eat enough healthy carbohydrates for energy. Some people who use a carbohydrate-free diet face the problem of fatigue and apathy. Also, fresh vegetables and fruits, herbs, nuts should be in your daily diet. Vitamin C is also important for strengthening the nervous system, which is found in large quantities in berries and citrus fruits.
If improving your lifestyle does not improve your condition, you should see your doctor. Perhaps some kind of disease is taking away your strength and energy.

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