Responsibility of partners for a strong relationship.


Responsibility is a sign of growing up. Of course, making decisions and being held accountable for their consequences is a heavy burden. Therefore, many people try to avoid it and put it in the hands of other people. In doing so, they find dozens of excuses for their behavior. Psychologists are sure that this is a sign of mental immaturity, which prevents people from being in a hurry and happy.

All people make decisions throughout the day, for example, brush their teeth, take a shower, have breakfast, and so on. But, these small household solutions are simple, and most do it all automatically. Making a more difficult decision is stressful for the nervous system and the brain, so they try to find ways to get rid of it. Various ideas on how to avoid making a decision pop into people’s heads. If people are adult, they understand that they must ignore sabotage and continues to think rationally. Infantile people, on the contrary, use such thoughts as a way to avoid responsibility. The consequences of irresponsibility can be health problems, poor relationships with people, including family members and colleagues.

On the other hand, some people are too responsible and cannot relax for a second. They are afraid of not doing or missing something, trying to control everything, which leads to disruption of the nervous system. Therefore, responsibility should be rational, and you should learn to delegate some of your responsibilities to other people.

Your irresponsibility is ruining your life, but you can ignore it if you feel so comfortable. What to do if your partner does not take responsibility for any area in your life together? Sometimes in a couple, one of the partners takes care of everything from making money to washing dishes. As a result, such a partner quickly gets tired and becomes irritable, because the energy level decreases to a critical point.

Psychologists are sure that the problem of infantility appears on first dates but ignore this problem, hoping to fix a partner. Such people are accustomed to the fact that all problems are solved without their participation. If the parents took care of the child too much, solved all everyday issues for him, even what sweater to wear to school, this leads to irresponsibility. Also, often, parents punish children for a wrong decision and growing up, the child is afraid to make any decisions so as not to be punished.

This does not mean that such people cannot find a partner for harmonious relationships. Many people like to control everything, solve all problems on their own, and do not trust other people to perform even the smallest duties. If these two types of people meet and create a pair, they have a high chance of creating a strong and lasting union.

But if you dream of a harmonious partnership, you need to look for a partner who can take responsibility for their life. But before looking for such a partner, you need to make sure that you are a responsible person. If you are looking for a responsible partner to shift your responsibilities onto, this is a way to failure. After all, a mentally healthy person does not want to build a relationship with a mentally unhealthy partner. And irresponsibility is a mental health disorder. If on first dates you can charm your partner with your beauty, charisma, and vulnerability, then living together will show the whole truth and your relationship will be in danger of breaking up.

Don’t expect your partner to change over time. You are responsible for your happiness, and if you do not want to accept some of your partner’s shortcomings, you can leave them. You should not waste time on ghostly expectations, much less demand it from your partner. No one and nothing can influence him if he/she has decided to live in this way. As for if your partner is inactive, do not blame yourself, do not waste time re-educating them. The beginning of the problem is in childhood, and you cannot solve it.

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