Sex and menopause: it is the best time to enjoy.


Menopause is a period of changes in the body of every woman. Unfortunately, many women believe in myths about menopause, including that sex after menopause is impossible. Of course, menopause is accompanied by some unpleasant symptoms that affect a woman’s well-being. But, if a woman receives high-quality medical care during this period, she can continue a happy life, including an intimate one. If you have entered menopause, this is not a reason to give up sex.

Doctors say the reasons for not having sex during menopause can be both physical and emotional.

Very often, women are critical of their appearance. They believe that with age, their beauty fades, and they begin to feel self-conscious about their bodies. Although, psychologists assure that physical changes in the body do not affect the attractiveness of a woman. You will always be attractive if your hormonal system is normal and your body is healthy. Therefore, you should eat healthy foods and exercise to keep your body healthy.

Menopause is a period when a woman’s hormonal system changes significantly. Typically, a woman experiences various symptoms, such as excessive sweating, weakness, deterioration in mood, and so on. In this state, she does not want to have sex. However, they can be dealt with if a woman turns to a gynecologist, who will prescribe medications to reduce the symptoms of menopause.
Also, the physical reason for the lack of desire to have sex in women is the feeling of dryness and discomfort in the vagina. A decrease in estrogen production affects the microflora of the vagina. A woman may experience pain and discomfort during intercourse. Modern medicine can solve this problem with the help of special means that improve the condition of a woman and return to her a sense of pleasure from intimacy.

These funds restore the normal microflora of the vagina, increase the resistance of the epithelial cells of the genitourinary tract to infection and inflammation. Thus, they help to reduce soreness during intercourse and the feeling of dryness and discomfort in the vagina.

Reasons to have sex during menopause.

Sex improves emotional health.
Intimacy and orgasm have a positive effect on mood and help relieve stress. Also, sex improves blood circulation, which has a positive effect on the work of the cardiovascular system. In addition, it is both excellent physical activity and the prevention of vascular diseases.

Sex during this period can be brighter.
As a rule, partners at this age have some experience in sexual life. In addition, they know their body and their desires. Thus, a woman can explain to her partner what she likes and what does not. Also, during this period, a woman gets rid of the fear of getting pregnant and can be more relaxed. She is ready for various experiments.

Sex is the key to a close relationship.
A relationship without sex is friendship. But, if you want to maintain your romantic relationship with your partner, you want to have sex with him. Therefore, do not be afraid, to be frank. You can tell your partner about your fears and unpleasant feelings. Together you can go through this and solve the problem. Then, you can enjoy intimacy with each other for many years after menopause. A healthy lifestyle, an open mind, and a good lubricant can make your intimate life passionate and happy.

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