The impact of abortion on the psyche of a woman.


Abortion is the most controversial topic. In recent years, many European governments have been considering the possibility of banning abortion at the legislative level. Some of them took this decision, which caused many protests. Abortion advocates argue that it is a woman’s right to choose between having a child and having an abortion. Opponents of abortion insist that from the first days the fetus in the belly of a woman is a living being that cannot defend its right to life. And while both sides prove their case, psychologists argue that abortion is a difficult decision for every woman, which is reflected in her psychological health.

Every woman has her reason for an abortion. In addition, both partners are responsible for this decision. According to statistics, most women go through a difficult period after an abortion. Its duration can vary from several days to several years. Some women cannot forgive themselves for this decision for the rest of their days.

The psychologist argues that every woman should consult with a psychologist before an abortion to understand what psychological consequences can be after her decision and how to get rid of them if abortion is inevitable.

Although World Health Organization does not recognize mental disorders after abortion as a disease, psychologists often see the consequences of such a decision and try to help women. Unfortunately, not all women turn to specialists for help and continue to live with psychological problems.

Abortion is very stressful for both physical and mental health. Of course, not all women have such problems after an abortion. If they make an informed decision without the psychological pressure of the environment.

If you or someone you know is faced with a choice between having a baby or an abortion, you should be aware of the psychological consequences of such a decision.

Feeling of emptiness. A woman can experience this feeling from the loss of something important inside.

Grief from the loss of a loved one. As a rule, this feeling appears after the death of a loved one. Some women experience this feeling after an abortion.

Guilt. Some women blame themselves for killing a small life.

Depression. A woman after an abortion may lose interest in life and anguish.

Obsessive thoughts. The woman is thinking about abortion and the impossible future of the child.

Sleep disturbance. Very often women face this problem. Their thoughts and emotional state lead to insomnia and nightmares.

Unfortunately, many women hide their experiences and feelings even from close people. They try to drown out their feelings, not let them go outside, and be calm. This behavior leads to a deterioration in their mental state and even the destruction of relationships with others. Some of them try to relieve pain with alcohol or drugs.

Some women begin to blame their partners for making this decision. As a rule, such women try to free themselves from feelings of guilt. Therefore, they may feel disgusted and hatred towards their partner, which leads to the destruction of the relationship. Such women may have an aversion to sex not only with their partner but in general for physical intimacy.

Sometimes, psychological problems can manifest themselves gradually increasing in intensity. They can experience aggression towards people and life events in general, and sometimes even towards their children, who are born after an abortion.

Also, doctors warn that abortion can bring physical health problems for a woman. Physiological recovery can take some time. Problems can complicate or worsen a woman’s relationship at work, in everyday social life, family, and friends.

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