Gus Kenworthy and Backcountry Collaboration: Why a Ski Champion was chosen


Backcountry brand has contracted with Olympic freestyle medalist and actor Gus Kenworthy. Gus will prepare for the 2022 Winter Games in Backcountry clothing. The brand first contracted with the star after it launched its clothing line.

Картинки по запросу Gus Kenworthy

Hillary Benjamin, the representative of Backcountry, said that Gus inspired Backcountry to create this clothesline. His sporting achievements and social activities correspond to company policy. The Gearheads will travel to Beijing with the athlete to support him.

Fame and success came to Kenworthy in 2011 after he was the title of the Association of Free Professionals. Then in 2014, he came back home from the Winter Olympics with a silver medal. He became a hero and received recognition.

But not only sport fills the life of Kenworthy. His personal life is no less interesting for the audience. Gus does not hide that he is gay and is an active participant in the LGBTQ equality and rights movement. Most recently, he began a new career. He decided to conquer Hollywood and starred in American Horror Story 1984. Shortly, Kenworthy returns to his main activity and begins preparations for the 2022 Olympics.

Картинки по запросу Gus Kenworthy

Backcountry collaborates with athletes who follow the same rules and principles as the brand team. As part of the collaboration, Kenworthy will also take an active part in the activities of the National Center for Ability, which provides an opportunity for people with different levels of ability to be active.

Картинки по запросу Backcountry brand

According to Kenworthy, he is working together with a company like Backcountry, because he encourages their idea that all people, regardless of their appearance, origin, gender, health status, can participate in various aspects of society (sports, education, culture, and art). For over twenty years, Backcountry has been one of the best manufacturers of sportswear. Their products have a combination of quality and style, and it is the reason why many athletes purchase it. Gus is confident that Backcountry Gear & Apparel will give him everything he needs to feel comfortable in the competition.

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