Each of us wants to be happy. But happiness sometimes seems so far and ghostly. We think that by achieving certain goals we will receive that long-awaited happiness. But such a path leads to disappointment. For example, some women think that they will be happy when they get married and they aim to get a husband. Having reached their goal, they do not understand why they are not happy. And all because the husband is near them, but not the person who suits them. This happens for other purposes. Happiness comes only with the attainment of true goals, not false ones. Everyone is happy in his way. Scientists have done a lot of research studying the factors that make a person happy. The results of these studies show several factors have been identified that bring a sense of happiness to each of us.

Feeling of joy.
This feeling is available to everyone in everyday life. You should learn to notice the pleasant events that are happening around you. Aromatic coffee, beautiful flowers, warm sunshine can be a reason for joy. It is such simple things that fill people with joy. Of course, these feelings are fleeting and last only a couple of minutes, but if you experience joy many times during the day, then the level of dopamine will increase. As a result, you get more hormone of joy and experience a feeling of happiness. You probably have things that make you happy, but because of everyday affairs and problems, you forgot about them. It can be dancing, music, painting or other hobbies. Spend 10 minutes a day for it, and that’s enough to bring joy into your life.

Nice expectation.
This feeling appears when you expect something good to happen. It increases the level of dopamine and you will experience an increase in the level of activity and energy. You have a desire to create. This feeling is also fleeting, but if it is experienced for a long time, it can badly affect the nervous system and add to the irritation or exhaustion of the nervous system. Excitation of the nervous system can be controlled with the help of a focus of attention. Try to focus on where you are and what you are experiencing. Then, by breathing, bring your feelings to order. Once your nervous system comes in order, you will experience joy from upcoming events, but its level will be beneficial and not deplete your nerves.

A sense of pride has several manifestations, including in a negative sense. Pride is associated with arrogance in many people. Therefore, proud people evoke negative feelings in many. But in reality, pride is a feeling that helps you see your achievements and experience joy for them. Proud people are self-confident people who know what they want and how to achieve it. Therefore, cultivate a sense of pride that will tell you what you need to be happy. Achievements can be any small events or things that come into your life. Did you do the exercises today? If yes, then be proud of yourself. If you gave flowers to your wife, whom she loves and it brought her joy, also be proud of yourself. Achievements are not millions and the creation of large companies. Start writing down your little accomplishments every evening, and you will see how much you are doing. This is a reason for pride.

Be an optimist.
Healthy optimism is the path to happiness. As a rule, optimists focus their attention on pleasant moments of their life. They see the negative, but try not to focus on it. Many people think that optimists are dreamers who live in a fantasy world. This is not true. Studies have shown that optimists value the world, but their eyes are on good events and things. They see opportunities where others do not. Therefore, they easily find a way out of any situation and understand that everything that happens in life is temporary, and you need to enjoy the moment.

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