Some important steps in preparing for trail-running


If you like to spend time outdoors, you can spend it with benefits to your health. You can run and improve your health. But not every run can be beneficial and sometimes even harm. To avoid running errors, we suggest taking into account the advice of Mosi Smith, who is a professional runner. In an interview, he talked about the secrets of preparing for a run and how to get the most out of your workout.

He offers several proven steps to help you become a regular runner and not lose motivation.

You should have a clear goal.
The goal in the form like I want to run is not suitable for the long term. We all sometimes set goals, especially at the beginning of the year, but then we forget them without even taking a single step towards it. The main feature of the goal should be clarity. For example, you can set a goal to take part in a particular marathon, the date of which has already been set. Having a clear time frame will make it easier for you to achieve results.


Develop a training plan.
You set a goal and already feel the taste of victory, but when you start training, you understand that the hardest thing is daily work. To understand where and how you should go forward, you must register your every step. You choose for yourself a training regimen taking into account your physical health and decide when you will run, how much time and on what days you will have a day off. All this must be written on paper and you can control yourself.

Use the trails

Even if you spend a few hours a day on a treadmill, it will not prepare you for real tracks. If you want to master running on the tracks, then you must train on them. Running on the track requires special skills that at first glance may seem simple and do not require your attention. But even such a skill as drinking water without stopping your run requires training and getting used to it. Beginners are not recommended to train hard at the first stage, loads should increase gradually.

Use the correct step technique.
The main mistake of novice runners is to use the same type of step throughout the course. Many people use a long step, which is suitable for speed, but if you want to go all the way, use a small step. Using short steps makes you easier in your legs and it’s good for long runs. Therefore, work out the technique of your step, taking into account all the characteristics of the route on which you will run. Sometimes the trail is placed in such a place that you have to use different types of steps. Therefore, you must be prepared for this.

Develop the strength of your legs.
One of the important steps in preparing for a run is to increase the strength of your legs. To do this, you can use the paths in the park that go uphill. Climbing small hills is well for muscles and they strengthen. It does not have to be long distances, but such workouts should be regular and form an important part of your workout.

Find a running partner.
Running does not include partner training, as you do all the movements yourself and no one can help you. But, if you run with someone else, it can help your motivation to live longer. And sometimes running around with other runners, you can learn a lot. Therefore, do not miss the chance to train with other runners. Their experience may come in handy in the future.

Let your body relax.
To work well, you need to have a good rest. The resources of the human body are not unlimited. Therefore, daily hourly training can play a trick on you. So let yourself be lazy sometimes. Your body deserves to rest after hard work. After resting, the body restores and works with greater force.

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