Some mistakes in daily care that damage your skin


During the day, our skin is affected by many factors. Unfortunately, most of them expose our skin to a negative effect. Factors such as the sun, wind, polluted air, and water for washing make your skin unhealthy and depleted. Scientists conducted some studies, and they found that the negative effects of these factors can be reduced due to sleep patterns. People who adhered to the rules of sleep had a better quality of their skin than people who slept little and chaotically.

Therefore, if you care about maintaining the youth and health of your skin, first of all, you should pay attention to the quality of your sleep. During sleep, all recovery processes occur, and your rest out from unnecessary load. The pores of your skin clean naturally, and in the morning you look fresher.

But some people can ruin even such a simple way to restore the beauty of the skin. They make mistakes that prevent the skin from recovering, and sometimes even harm it during sleep. We suggest you familiarize yourself with them and keep them out of your life.

You do not wash your face before going to bed.

Washing is the main way to beautiful skin. Even if you don’t use makeup, at the end of the day you need to wash off a lot of dirt on your skin. You must remember once and for all that what sleeping with the make-up is to harm your beauty. The process of cleansing the skin of cosmetics and dirt takes a maximum of five minutes. Therefore, each of us can find this time for ourselves, despite the crazy fatigue.

If you systematically forget to wash your face before going to bed, then after a couple of days you will notice that your skin has turned gray, acne and other unpleasant manifestations have appeared.

Please note that it is necessary to wash your face with cosmetics that are suitable for your skin type. Do not use the funds that a friend advised, they can help her, and harm you.

You are using the wrong night cosmetics.

Many cosmetologists and dermatologists recommend using retinol and retinoid cosmetics at bedtime. These components cope well with age-related manifestations on the skin during sleep. But, you must follow the instructions clearly that the dermatologist gave you. Because these products are quite aggressive, and the wrong mode of use can harm the skin. Also, you should always notice how your skin reacts to a cosmetic product. At the first unpleasant signs such as redness or peeling, you should stop using this remedy. Talk to your dermatologist for another safe treatment.

You are using antioxidants at bedtime.

According to dermatologists, antioxidants must be applied in the morning. Thus, you protect your skin from the harmful effects of the environment. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals that damage your skin. Therefore, using them at night is a futile procedure that will not bring you a positive result.

If you can not do without serum, then choose a serum with resveratrol, which can be used at night and this tool will work.

You are using a scrub.

The scrub is a rather useful tool, but its incorrect use leads to disastrous results. The scrub contains micro particles that cleanse dead cells from the top layer of your skin. But at the same time, these microparticles act on the healthy layer of the skin, injuring it. Therefore, you should use the scrub no more than once a week and only before bedtime. Also, you can replace scrubs with softer exfoliating products. These products do not have a mechanical effect on the skin and remove dead cells without damaging the skin.

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