Obstacles to achieving goals.


Many of you go through many pieces of training or courses to learn to achieve your goals. Despite your best efforts, you cannot get what you strive for. How often do you think about whose goals these are? Unfortunately, many people do not even realize how dependent they are on other people’s judgments or influence.

The people, who surround you, affect you more than you think. You cannot be free from other people’s thinking and judgment. But you can learn to hear your true desires. It will be a difficult path, and your environment may react negatively to your changes. And if you need to be as independent as possible from other people’s influences, you will have to learn to maneuver between the opinions of others and your own.

When you decide to achieve a goal, ask yourself the question: “Is this mine?”
If your desire arose due to social attitudes and public opinion, it will be difficult for you to translate it into reality. If this is your true desire, you should ignore those around you. Focus your attention on your goal and do what you think is right. But, you must be prepared for the fact that you will be accused of selfishness.

Psychologists believe that healthy selfishness is the path to happiness. You have the right to have what you want. Most people are afraid to go beyond the generally accepted rules so as not to draw attention to themselves. Their lives are built on the desires of the system and disregard for their personal goals. Of course, such people are more beneficial for the state and society because they are easier to manage and control.

You cannot destroy all social ties and go to your goal. It won’t give you pleasure in the result. You need to learn to protect your egoism, your desire and, in parallel, build relationships with other people.

You should allow yourself to want what you want and interact constructively with family, colleagues, and friends.

The main step in achieving your goals is changing your thoughts. Unfortunately, the formation of new neural connections takes some time. So don’t expect to be able to change your thoughts overnight.

Also, psychologists recommend giving up internal dialogues in your head. As a rule, people try to achieve their goals to prove their worth to someone. They can be ex-lovers, parents, teachers, and so on. Thus, you forget about your true desires and try to achieve goals that will increase your status but not make you happy. These thoughts are viruses, take energy from you and distract you from your true desires. You must get rid of them as soon as possible.

Also, very often, close people impose their opinion on you and manipulate you. Perhaps they are trying to save you from rash actions, but their actions lead to the opposite effect. Therefore, you must understand what is behind the advice of your relatives. These are their dreams and fears that have nothing to do with you.

Close people greatly influence your goals. Yes, they do it with positive intentions. But with positive intentions for yourself.

Executives, business partners, and those who can influence your financial position have a tremendous impact on your goals. You cannot ignore their desire because you can lose money. In this case, you need to learn how to build relationships with them.

You can receive money without sacrificing your desires and goals. Mental flexibility is the main skill that will help you build harmonious relationships in any area.

If you are confident in your desires and know how to achieve them, you can turn your environment into your helpers. Very often, the people around you show your strengths and weaknesses. Thank them for their participation and make your own decision.

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