Some reason for the regular workout.


Sports became our only opportunity to maintain a beautiful body during the quarantine. A sedentary lifestyle is displayed on many aspects of our life, including the physical and psychological state. The quarantine will end soon and we want to enter society in excellent shape, proving to ourselves and others that we can achieve goals regardless of circumstances. Even before most of us self-insulated, we knew that regular exercise was necessary not only for beauty but also for health. Each of us had our motivation for going to the gym and home training. As it turned out, scientists have found another reason for the regular workout in addition to these two reasons. It is healthy and beautiful skin.

Oxygen saturation
You probably noticed that after training, your skin has smooth gloss. This effect is achieved thanks to oxygen, which during training enters your cells and saturates the entire body, including the skin.

Noel S. Scherber, MD, a certified dermatologist claims that oxygenated blood after exercise makes your skin shine. Achieving such a radiant effect with the help of cosmetic procedures is very difficult, and expensive. Sport is more profitable.

Wrinkle prevention
According to Dr. Scherber, exercise helps to normalize the level of the hormone cortisol. A high level of this hormone contributes to the intensive secretion of sebum, which leads to the appearance of acne and the destruction of collagen. We all know that collagen is the main component due to which our skin maintains elasticity and youth. The lower the level of collagen, the worse our skin looks. The appearance of wrinkles on the face is a consequence of a reduced level of collagen. The doctor claims that sport promotes the production of collagen and prevents the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin.

Reduced skin rashes

According to Mauro Romita, MD, a certified plastic surgeon in New York, taking sports up improves blood circulation, nourishes the blood with oxygen, and your skin receives more nutrients. Also, toxins come out through the skin along with sweat, and your skin is cleansed. For those who have oily skin, the doctor recommends using matting wipes during training to avoid inflammatory processes from sweat. If you suffer from skin diseases, you should use special wipes to treat them. And the main rule for everyone is not to train with make-up. In this case, the skin does not breathe, which leads to the greenhouse effect and the development of various bacteria.

Healthy hair

As we already understood, the main exercise tool to improve our beauty is to increase blood circulation and oxygen saturation of the blood. Each cell of our body receives nutrients that contribute to its rejuvenation. This happens with follicles, too. As a result, your hair grows faster, becomes stronger and healthier.

Doctors and cosmetologists do not name the kind of sport that affects your beauty in the best way. Because it does not exist. Each sport is unique and benefits your body. Choose your workouts basing on your preference. But you must understand that workout should be at least 20-30 minutes and regular. Even a regular walk in the park will do more good than sitting on the couch in front of the TV.

If you want to stay young and healthy for many years, start playing sports today.

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