Some reasons for knees pain.


Many believe that knee pain occurs only in the elderly. Unfortunately, in the modern world, knee disease is common in young people. Therefore, if you notice pain in your knees , you should consult a doctor. The development of diseases of the knee joints can be stopped at an early stage of development. Regardless of which a disease you have (arthritis, patella-femoral pain syndrome, or ilium syndrome (ITB), there are several ways you can help prevent the development of the disease and reduce pain symptoms.

The cause of the development of joint disease in your knees may be trauma. Then you should have a rehabilitation course with the supervision of a specialist. Your joint will be restored and you will be able to lead a full life without pain if you follow some rules.

But as practice shows, the most common reason for the development of diseases in the knees is a large load on the joints from excess weight. Therefore, if you are overweight and have knee pain, then without losing weight you will not be able to remove the inflammatory processes in your knees.

Excess weight can cause inflammatory processes in all joints, including arthritis, and a decrease in joint mobility. For your knee joints to function correctly, you should keep your weight normal and not allow it to increase to a critical rate.

The next reason for the inflammatory process of the knee joints is inappropriate shoes. If you wear heels more than 8 hours a week, then the chance of developing a disease of the knee joints is very high. Also, small or too large shoes form the wrong foot position and the load goes to the knees. Incorrect position of the foot affects the position of the ankle and that affects the work of the knee joint. Thus, the chain of causes of knee diseases begins with the foot. If you have the opportunity to do exercises for the feet using the ball every evening, do it. And choose comfortable shoes that suit you in size and quality.

Knee joint disease is not a reason to give up the workout. If you have an inflammatory process, then during the workout you should protect your joints and use such a workout where there is no big load on your knees. Swimming and walking are suitable for this. After the inflammation subsides, start adding exercise with your weight. Increase the load gradually and do not lift large weights. Strengthening the muscular is necessary for the proper functioning of the knee joints, so sports should become an integral part of your daily life.
Those who have no problems with the knees now need to do everything to prevent their occurrence. Therefore, be careful about your knees, strengthen your muscles, and care about your health.

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