Some recommendations on use isolation time to improve relationships.


The United States is bravely fighting the coronavirus. People are tired from it and while some are trying to maintain health, some of them are faced with problems in relationships. Caught in the same apartment 24 hours a day, some couples were not ready to spend so much time with each other. You probably heard that the number of divorces has increased after quarantine in China. People realized that they lived with partners about whom they did not know anything. They saw each other only in the evenings and in the morning for several minutes, saying only a few words to each other. Most of the time people spent at work, at business meetings or with friends.

We are used to an active life, and suddenly we had to stop and look at those who are nearby. The reality turned out to be pleasant. For many couples, even small household disagreements caused big problems in the relationship.

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Nevertheless, there is another side to the coin. Maybe the time of isolation gives you a chance to get to know your partner better, understand his/her interests, see his presence and become closer to each other.

Fortunately, many psychologists and relationship experts share on use isolation time to improve relationships and strengthen marriage. We have collected for you the most effective ones that will help you pass this time for the benefit of your couple. These tips are also suitable for couples who have a good relationship. They will help you become even closer to each other and reach a new level of your relationship.

Talk about your feelings.
Many of us are under the pressure of bad news, worries about our health and the health of our loved ones. All this leads to increased anxiety, which is poorly displayed in the relationship. Due to heightened anxiety, we are plunged into a bad mood, the actions of the partner give us nothing to irritate, and we begin to shout at him/her. At the same time, the partner does not understand what he/she did wrong, and this increases the level of irritation in your couple. To avoid this, talk to each other about your feelings, fear, about what you expect from a partner. You must understand that your partner cannot read thoughts; he/she needs words to understand you.
Having learned about your feelings, your loved one will help you cope with the situation and dispel all your worries.

Understand the habits of your partner.
Psychologists recommend love a partner as he/she is, and you should not try to educate him. Why did you decide that your habits and attitudes are right? Each of you has the right to your views on life, news, and your relations. If you see some questions categorically do not suit you, then discuss this with your partner. Perhaps it does not fundamentally stick to their opinion on this issue for him/her, and you can find a compromise. Nevertheless, there will always be differences between you, so treat each other with respect.

Find an activity that is enjoyable for you both.
Time spent together must be spent with fun. Play some games, fool around, sing songs or tell jokes. You have to have life-giving emotions when you spend time together at least once a day. The ability to laugh together unites a couple more than confidential conversations. Although there should be conversations too, with one condition – you should have more laugher.

Respect each other’s personal space.
Each of you must have your own time during which you do what you want to do. Do not be angry with a partner if he/she wants to read a book in silence. Let him/her do it and you can look for something that will be enjoyable for you: draw, read or cook a delicious dinner.

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