Some showering mistakes that injure your skin.


How nice it is to take a shower after a hard workday or feel relaxed under drops of water after a hard workout. A morning shower helps us wake up and prepare for a productive day. And no one thinks that such a simple procedure as taking a shower can harm our skin. It turns out that many people make mistakes while taking a shower and then they can not understand the cause of various unpleasant symptoms on the skin.

In this article, we tried to collect the most common mistakes that people make and which can injure the skin.

Water temperature.
A hot shower can warm us in cold weather, and cold water gives coolness on a hot day. But studies show that using too hot or cold water can harm your skin. People who have dry skin are especially affected. Hot or cold water over dries the skin and blocks the production of natural fat on the skin. Therefore, you can feel skin tightness after each water procedure. The most optimal temperature regime is a temperature of 103 degrees Fahrenheit. You can buy a special shower head that shows the temperature of the water. It is not inexpensive, and you will not be worried about the temperature of your shower. This will save your nerves and health.

Duration of taking a shower.
While taking a shower, we do not just wash our body, we are relieved of stress. Sometimes we want to stand under the jets of water for a long time to completely relax and forget about all the problems. We are forced to disappoint you, but prolonged exposure to the shower injures your skin, and itching and skin inflammation may occur. You should not take a shower for longer than 10 minutes. This time is sufficient to soap and rinse off the foam.

Using puff for a bath.
This is a beautiful, comfortable, and useless bath fixture. Its only advantage is the economical use of shower gel. But your skin condition should be a priority for you. Therefore, the best way to soap your body is the method of using hands. Your hands do not have a scrubbing effect so they do not damage the top layer of the skin.

You do not worry about the cleanliness of the washcloth.
If you leave a washcloth wet and do not wash its field of use, then different types of fungi develop in it. When you use it to take a shower, all these bacteria pass onto your body and cause various inflammations. Therefore, do not forget to wash the washcloth and dry it after each use.

Use shampoo after shower gel.
If you want to maintain the water balance of your skin and not wash natural fat from its upper layer, then wash your hair and rinse your shampoo first, and then wash your body. Shower gel will wash away the residues of shampoo, which contains more aggressive chemicals than gel.

You take a shower in the morning.
Studies show that an evening shower has several advantages over a morning one. At the end of the day, you flush away dust, chemicals, and other toxins that have settled on your body throughout the day. Thus, you do not transfer all this dirt to bedding and your skin relaxes during sleep. Also, an evening shower relieves stress.

You take a shower too often.
Doctors say we should not shower often. They claim that even a daily shower can harm the skin. You should not take a shower every day in the cold season, if you have not been engaged in heavy physical labor, trained or not soiled during work.

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