Benefits of Kundalini Yoga.


Yoga is not just a set of exercises that improve the quality of your body. It is a whole system of knowledge, which is divided into different systems. One of these systems is kundalini yoga. It was closed to ordinary people for many years. It was studied only by select special ones, and this knowledge was kept secret. This direction of yoga began to seep into the masses in the second half of the 20th century, and many ordinary people began to study the wisdom of this system.

Kundalini yoga aims to improve your energy, which is concentrated in the spine. Therefore, the symbol of this system is the snake that holds the tail in its mouth. It means that a healthy and flexible spine allows energy to flow through your body easily and unimpeded. As a result of following the principles of kundalini yoga, your energy rises, and you get an increase in your creativity.
The basis of kundalini yoga is to increase the flow of energy through energy channels, chakras, and the activation of prana. Regular practice ensures the continuous flow of prana in the body, which brings health and beauty to your body and mind.
Kundalini yoga is a huge range of different tools that work in combination.
Kundalini Yoga Tools:

  • dynamic and static exercises,
  • pranayama,
  • mantras,
  • meditation,
  • wise,
  • Drishti,
  • bandhas.

Also, yogis, who follow this teaching, use dance as a tool for immersion in the inner world. Also, massage is a way to relax the body and move to the highest level of relaxation of the mind.

The external manifestation of kundalini yoga is work with the body using special asanas and exercises. The purpose of these exercises is to relieve you of the stress of the nervous system, which can manifest itself as pain in the back and muscles.
Breathing practices are an important part of all areas of yoga, including kundalini yoga. Therefore, in the process of studying this type of yoga, you will have to learn to control your breathing to control your emotional state.
Mantras, meditation, dances are aimed at relaxing the brain and moving to an unconscious level. In this case, the words and melody of mantras are pronounced in a certain rhythm, which plunges you into a trance state. Typically, the practice of kundalini yoga begins and ends with the chanting of mantras.

The benefits of kundalini yoga are manifested both on a physical and psychological level. After doing yoga regularly, you get a stronger and healthier body, free your mind from the negative effects of stress, increase your energy levels and begin to hear yourself and your needs.
Benefits of Kundalini Yoga:

  • reduced stress levels,
  • getting rid of chronic fatigue,
  • increased awareness,
  • developing the habit of hearing your body,
  • increasing the level of vital energy,
  • improving mood,
  • developing of body flexibility,
  • improving the functioning of the circulatory, lymphatic and endocrine systems,
  • strengthening of immunity.If you live in a constant rush and stress, lead a sedentary lifestyle, kundalini yoga can help you get rid of many of the negative consequences of such a lifestyle. Therefore, use this type of yoga and take care of your health.

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