Some types of vegetables, which you can grow in your garden.


Warm spring days bring us dreams about barbecue, walks in the parks and fresh vegetables. Our organisms are tired of winter heavy food and crave fresh light meals. Vegetables should make up 50% of our daily diet. You can consume both raw and cooked vegetables. They are a source of fiber and various vitamins. Therefore, pay your attention to the number of vegetables on your plate.

Spring is the most suitable period for growing different plants, including vegetables. We suggest you grow some types of vegetables at home. Thus, you will have fresh vegetables on your table every day and you can be sure of their environmental friendliness.

Any experienced gardener tells a beginner that tomatoes are one of the easiest types of vegetables to grow. They can grow on any soil, with a high level of harvest. Tomatoes grown in your garden have a pleasant taste and aroma that are not found in greenhouse tomatoes.

Planting potato plants in open ground is necessary after the frost has disappeared. It can be in April or May. It all depends on the natural conditions of your place of residence. After planting, do not forget to water them. First, you need to do this every other day, and then you can water your tomatoes once a week. The soil should not be too dry.

There is no more refreshing vegetable in your garden than a cucumber. Its pleasant taste is indispensable in spring salads. Therefore, if you want to please yourself and your family with spring vegetables, do not forget to plant cucumbers.

Cucumbers require space in the garden, but if you do not have one, you can use the garden net. Put wall from the garden net around the plants and they will grow to up. When growing cucumbers, carefully monitor the watering regime. Cucumbers love water.

Many gardeners grow them in their gardens, though the watermelons ripen for a long time . Therefore, if you want to get a watermelon as quickly as possible, at the first sign of soil warming, plant seeds in the soil.

Please note that watermelons love heat and moisture. If the soil is still cold, the seeds may not sprout, and your expectations will not come true. Also, be careful about choosing a place to plant watermelons. The place should be sunny and preferably without shade. If you use these simple rules, your watermelons will be sweet.

Zucchini is an amazing vegetable that will give you many dishes. It does not have a pronounced taste, so you can use it even for deserts. A ratatouille from multi-colored zucchini looks colorful and appetizing.

Zucchini seeds are planted in open warm ground. Zucchini produce harvest much earlier than other spring vegetables, especially when compared to watermelons.

Beetroot is a popular vegetable, especially among people who monitor their health. It has useful properties that are used for preventive purposes. It can be added to salads raw, but in small quantities, if you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, and most people prefer to cook it. It has a sweet taste, so your dishes will have a sweetish flavor.

You can grow this vegetable in your garden. Seeds are planted in April in open ground. In the summer, you get a fresh and tasty vegetable. Also, beets are a hardy vegetable that can survive small temperature disasters.

If you did not see vegetables that you love in our list, this does not mean that you cannot grow them yourself. We offered you the simplest vegetables that are suitable for almost everyone.

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