St. George Spirits Celebrates 40 Years With Limited-Edition Single-Malt Whiskey


“Special releases are about sharing our heritage and making a statement about where we are today, as well as where we are going,” said Smith in a statement. “We were inspired to finish a portion of our anniversary single malt in umeshu cask as we discovered that our Lot Series mash bill married perfectly with the stone fruit tones of umeshu and brought balance to the rich weight of Lance’s house-made tawny port casks.” The whiskey is very unique and truly unlike most other single malts you’ve likely tried before.

On the nose, cherry, grape, chocolate and big floral notes jump out at you. The palate starts off with rich dark chocolate and caramel flavors, followed by fig, raisin, citrus, and just a whiff of smoke, all underpinned by a pronounced bright hoppy character.

This is a very complex, crisp, and almost savory sipping experience…provided you can find a bottle. Just 1982 were produced (a not-so-subtle tribute to the distillery’s founding year), bottled at 48% ABV, with a highfalutin price of $500.

That’s something you’re probably more used to seeing on a bottle of Michter’s 10 Year Old Bourbon, the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, or other unicorn bottles. But why shouldn’t American craft single malt be just as rarified? And if you like some altruism with your whiskey, St. George is donating $40,000 to the STEPUP Foundation, an organization dedicated to providing assistance to under-represented groups in the spirits industry.

Cheers to that, and another 40 years of St. George whiskey.

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