Join Chris Hemsworth’s free fitness program.


The quarantine continues, and people are looking for new ways to entertain themselves during self-isolation. Thanks to the Internet, each of us can find an activity that fills us with joy. We can organize online meetings with friends, parents, colleagues, watch movies, learn a foreign language, and of course, go in for sports. During self-isolation, thousands of people paid attention to the state of their health. Video lessons about healthy eating and sports are starting to go on top of the most popular videos on the Internet.

When people do not have access to gyms, home workouts begin to take the place of workouts with sophisticated equipment. Many sports sites, applications have opened free access to their material. Nevertheless, sometimes a paid subscription is required to get the right workouts.

Unfortunately, in the current financial situation, not everyone can spend money on sports programs. Money may come in handy shortly because no one knows how long the quarantine will last.

We have some good news. You have the opportunity to join the free fitness program.

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth has opened free access to his six-week fitness and wellness program. He announced this to his followers on Instagram.

He says that he decided to do this to people who use his program to become healthier and happier. He is confident that during this difficult time, a healthy lifestyle will help people cope with the virus. Chris thinks that coronavirus will make many people pay attention to their lifestyle. People should understand that their quality of life depends on their movement, nutrition, and mental activity.

If you want to be healthy, take these three words, and build your lifestyle based on them.

If you want to take advantage of Chris’s chic offer, and take the path to a healthy lifestyle, go to the Centr website and register. After registration, you will have access to the free version of the program on fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

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