Sugar addiction: danger and ways to get rid of it.


The modern food industry offers a wide variety of products that taste great. Unfortunately, the taste of these foods is based on sugar. All of them have led to an obesity pandemic. However, this is not an aesthetic problem, you are beautiful in your body. But, obesity leads to disruption of your health. Thus, sugar is the enemy of your health that destroys the quality of your life.

Even though people have a lot of information about the dangers of sugar and the consequences of its excessive consumption, they cannot cope with sugar addiction.

Scientists argue that dependence on sweets is a complex of causes, including psychological and physical disorders.

The most popular reasons for sugar addiction.

High level of sugar in the blood.
Many people only see sugar in sugary foods. Excluding them, they are sure that sugar has disappeared from their lives. At the same time, they continue to consume low-fat dairy products, sweet yogurt, sauces, and so on. All of these foods contain sugar to create flavor. When a person constantly eats these foods, blood sugar rises. As a result, you become resistant to your usual glucose levels, and you need an extra dose of sugar to feel normal.

Deficiency of nutrients in the diet.
Lack of energy and nutrients in your body causes you to feel hungry all the time. Eating sugary fast carbs can help reduce this sensation for a short time. The wrong diet and the elimination of fats lead to disruption of the functioning of your body’s systems, including the absorption of glucose. A poor diet provokes an increase in appetite. People who are on strict diets may have a strong urge to eat something sweet and fat. They fail to cope with the temptation, and as a result, they overeat.

Monotonous menu.
The brain loves variety. Therefore, if you eat the same food for several days, your need for sweets increases. A variety of healthy foods can help increase dopamine levels without eating sugar.

Chronic stress.
Stress is a natural reaction of your body and brain to solve any problems in life. But if you are under constant stress, the level of cortisol is too high, which can lead to mental disorders. For most people, the quickest and most affordable way to reduce stress levels is to eat something tasty and sweet. Sugary food raises endorphins quickly, and your stress levels decrease. Unfortunately, this way of getting rid of stress is not healthy and leads to high blood sugar. A result of regular consumption of sweets after stress leads to the emergence of addiction to sugary foods.

Low level of physical activity.
Daily physical activity can help reduce cortisol levels, which affect your desire for sugary foods. Physical activity raises your endorphin levels and makes you feel satisfied and happy. Therefore, people, who have 30 minutes of physical activity every day, eat significantly less sugar. They can enjoy life without sugar.

Feelings of loneliness and danger.
Many modern people experience a sense of loneliness when surrounded by people. They cannot show their emotions, and this leads to mental disorders. Sweet food is an anchor for them. This helps them feel safe.

Disturbance of taste buds.
Sugar gives the taste of pleasure. Many people need this taste because other types of tastes do not give them pleasure, and the brain does not receive a signal of satiety. The sweet taste causes your receptors to become excited, and they cease to sense other tastes.

Ways to reduce your sugar intake:

  • don’t start your day with a sweet tooth, as this will cause your insulin to rise,
  • get enough fiber,
  • balance your diet and pay attention to the optimal amount of fat.
  • create an optimal diet for you and follow it,
  • remove all temptations from the house,
  • skip sugar for a few weeks to clear your taste buds,
  • find a source of joy and pleasure other than food,
  • exercise for 30 minutes every day.

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