The cyclical work of the body: the best time for workout and eat.


It is a known fact that our body depends on cycles. It is our cycles that determine our ideal schedule. Scientists claim that every system of our body has a certain rhythm of work depending on the time of day. Knowing how each system works at a certain time allows a person to choose the appropriate diet, exercise or treatment procedures. This knowledge helps you set the right hours for work and leisure.

The researcher from the University of Alabama, Courtney Peterson, argues that we need to listen to the clock of our body and then it will work longer.

Research in the field of cyclical work of the body has been conducted for a long time. Some researches show people who work in shifts, work at night, have more health problems than people with a normal daily work schedule. Scientists have discovered that people who do not follow their internal clocks are at higher risk for heart disease, obesity, depression, and cancer.

With the first rays of the sun in our organism, the process of protein production begins to activate, which influences on the brain. After that, the brain triggers signals throughout the body, awakening it from sleep. The body begins to wake up: the pressure and temperature of the body slowly rise. And your body is ready for activity. When the sun hides its rays, the whole process of the body’s work begins the opposite process. Following these processes, a person should go to bed before midnight and wake up by 8 a.m. Sleep should be at least seven hours.

When you wake up at the right time, you feel a surge of strength and energy. Your body sends you signals for action, and the first thing it requires is fuel. If your body is sensitive to insulin at an earlier time, then everything you eat for an early breakfast will be processed into energy, and a late dinner will turn into extra pounds.

A study was conducted that confirmed that interval eating helps lower blood sugar and blood pressure. Meals to 3 p.m are absorbed better and bring more benefits.

Satchin Panda, a biologist at the Salk Institute and author of the Circadian Code, found that the longer the time between lunch and sleep, the easier it is for the body to recover. During this period, all body systems work better, which leads to a renewal of energy levels. He suggests taking a break between the last and first meal of 12 hours.

You choose the interval nutrition schedule basing on your rhythm. Adherence to the schedule of food and sleep helps your body recover and get rid of the “monsoon” that accumulates in the body after metabolic processes. This leads to oxidation of the body, and the oxidizing environment is a favorable environment for the development of inflammatory processes.

If everything is clear with nutrition, then the training time causes some controversy. A series of studies have been conducted at the University of Bergen in Norway confirm that evening workouts are more beneficial. Also, high-intensity training is best done in the afternoon. During this period, the body copes better with physical activity. But you must remember – some people may not sleep well after intense training. Therefore, try to train several hours before bedtime.

Scientists say that all systems in the body, including the immune system, work on a specific cycle. These results may help in studying the causes of heart attacks.
If someone correctly calculates when the immune system is the most active, this will help to conduct various medical procedures in the most favorable period and their effectiveness will increase significantly.

Listen to your body and it will tell you your cycle. Try to configure your mode correctly. Go to bed before midnight and get up early in the morning. On the first days, it would be difficult for you to change your daily routine, but if you manage to do this, your body will receive a lot of energy and health.

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