The Best NFL Teams to Watch This Season


As the calendar flips to August, NFL training camp season is in full swing, and the league has already started to muscle its way back to being the sun, moon, and stars of the American sports landscape. Hope springs eternal for the 32 NFL teams, even the bad ones, and they’ll be playing preseason games as soon as this Thursday night.

Every training camp spawns its own media industrial complex, because that’s the nature of the NFL’s beast. You may not care who wins a defensive tackle job for the Los Angeles Chargers, but you will have the option of reading several dozen stories about it, and there are thousands of people who will exercise that option. That’s fantastic. But some training camps are more interesting than others, and in that spirit, let’s run through a collection of NFL teams who will give onlookers a lot to talk about as we head into this season.

The 7 Best NFL Teams to Watch in 2022

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