The danger of the intermittent fasting system.


Intermittent fasting became popular a few years ago. Many people around the world use this nutritional system to improve their body shape and lose a couple of extra pounds. However, recent research shows that this nutrition system does not have such overwhelming effects. Also, regular and prolonged use of intermittent fasting can harm your health and cause muscle loss. Scientists at the University of California, San Francisco, USA, have learned that intermittent fasting has no greater benefits than any other diet.
In the course of the study, scientists observed two groups of people of the same age and similar health status. One group of participants in the experiment had three meals a day and snacks. Another group of participants used interval meals and limited calories.

The study lasted three months. At the end of the 12th week of the study, participants in both groups had similar rates of weight loss, fat mass, blood sugar control, and cholesterol levels. Also, scientists have found that intermittent fasting does not affect metabolic rate. Therefore, this is not the best way to lose those extra pounds and improve the quality of your health. Although, the group that used intermittent fasting lost more weight than the second. However, they have lost muscle mass, which is bad for overall health and body quality. Any calorie-limited diet has this effect.
Thus, scientists have not confirmed the benefits of intermittent fasting for weight loss and health benefits. Therefore, if you are trying to lose weight, find a healthier way, and not forget about the benefits of strength workouts.

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