The difference between two super-efficient workouts.


Do you plan to make your workouts more diverse, but don’t know what workouts are better – interval or circle training?

Read the article to the end and you will understand the difference between these super-efficient workouts.

Interval training
The essence of interval training is to use exercise for 20 seconds, and then you allow your body to rest for 10 seconds. During the 20 seconds, you work to the limit of your physical abilities. During pauses, you simply rest and restore your breath. You repeat the sets using one or two exercises.

As a rule, in interval training using exercises that develop strength and endurance.

The most famous interval training is Tabata, HIIT, and AMRAP. During such training, you should do as many repetitions as possible, but do not forget about the technique of doing the exercises.

You can set the time for actions and rest yourself. You can also set the number of times you do the exercise, for example, you 30 burpee and then rest 10 seconds. And do a few of these repetitions.

The benefits of interval training are huge. Your muscles contract faster and their condition improves in a short time. Aerobic exercises give a strong cardio load and you lose weight very quickly, calorie-burning occurs even for several hours after a workout. Interval training prepares your body for harsh conditions in which your endurance plays a major role.

Circular training
Unlike interval training, the circle uses several exercises that replace each other without interruptions. For example, you do 20 squats, 20 push-ups, 20 burpee, and 20 lunges. It will be one circle. To achieve good results, you do three or more circles; it all depends on your physical level. You choose the exercises yourself, but try to alternate between intense and slow exercises.

During a circular workout, more muscles are involved and you can work out the whole body in a short time, while in an interval workout more attention is paid to one group of muscles due to the use of only one or two exercises.

If you do not have time for the gym or do not have the necessary sports equipment, then a circular training will be your salvation.

Both workouts are very effective and bring results in a short time. The choice depends on your goals, and you can also alternate them, which will bring you more benefits.

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