The health benefits of Nordic Walking.


Any physical activity has certain benefits, especially if you do the exercises correctly. Also, the choice of sports equipment and its quality affects the effectiveness of your workout.

If you don’t like using complex training gear, then you should try Nordic Walking. You only need the poles for your training. But, despite the simplicity of the equipment, the quality of the poles and the technique of using them affect the quality of your workout.

Nordic walking is a unique sport that can be used by both professional athletes and ordinary people without special physical training. Do not expect that you will have health problems, you can use Nordic walking to prevent the development of various diseases of both the physical body and the mental.

Nonetheless, rest assured that Nordic walking is perfect for your body and gives you a lot of pleasure.

Nordic walking is a special type of physical activity that combines elements of walking, running, and other kinds of sports.

Although Nordic walking is more moderate in intensity, regular exercise in this type of physical activity reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, asthma, stroke, and others. Also, Nordic walking is a great way to reduce or prevent weight gain.

According to research, Nordic walking can help you use about 90% of your muscles and burn almost double the calories. At the same time, with ordinary walking, you use about 70% of muscules.

The health benefits of Nordic walking.

The main advantage of Nordic walking is keeping your body muscles in good shape. Strong, healthy muscles keep your joints from collapsing. Using Nordic walking regularly, you prevent the development of arthritis and rheumatism. At the same time, Nordic walking has a low level of stress on your joints, which makes it safe for people with joint and spinal diseases.

Nordic walking has a cardio effect, which is beneficial for your cardiovascular system and weight loss.

When you walk, your breathing quickens, and your lungs work better, which leads to the prevention of their diseases.

During Nordic walking, you use sticks. It means that your shoulders, arms, and the entire musculoskeletal system are actively working, and as a result, you improve your posture. Your gait will become lighter and more graceful.

Nordic walking coaches can intensify the workout by adding extra hand and pole movements.

Nordic walking improves your emotional well-being. As you walk, you focus on the views around you, breathing, and the next step. During this time, your brain calms down and forgets about worries and problems. Scientists have proven that exercise in nature improves mood.

Nordic walking does not require sophisticated equipment or training location. You will need comfortable running shoes, poles, and any park or other area where you can walk.
At the same time, Nordic walking is suitable for people of different ages. Many retirees around the world love this type of physical activity because they can use a pace that is comfortable for them. You can join a group or walk alone. It all depends on your temperament.

You can learn the rules of Nordic walking by quickly using the services of a trainer or by watching a training video by own.

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