Why can’t you reach your goal?


For most modern people, the meaning of life is achieving goals and success. Only some of them know how to enjoy a simple life. As a rule, such people devote all their time to spiritual practices and enlightenment. Everyone chooses their path. If you want to be successful in any area of ​​your life, you need to take action. Unfortunately, very often the intention does not entail any practical steps. As a result, you stay in the same place dreaming of success.

Psychologists are sure that only 8% of people can achieve their goals. The rest prefer to live in dreams and do not even take the first step towards meeting their dreams.
Reasons for failure to achieve goals.
Lack of purpose.
If you cannot understand what you want, you will not know which direction you need to move. You cannot achieve what you cannot see. Therefore, the life of such people is filled with monotony and chaos. This way of life leads to results that you are not satisfied with.

Lack of specifics.
Failure to articulate your thoughts makes your goals a dream. Your goal should be measured. For example, if you want to make more money, you must know the specific amount that will satisfy you. If you want to lose weight, you must know the specific weight you want to have.
The lack of specificity takes away your motivation because you don’t see the result. Your psyche sees no reason to waste energy on something.
Think about what your actions can lead you to your goal. Create a step-by-step plan and note the result of each completed stage. This way you can see your progress towards the big goal.

Lack of time frames.
Your goal should have a deadline. If you do not create a time frame, you will sabotage your achievement. Each step must have a lead time. Otherwise, your path to success will stretch for many years.

Your goal is unattainable.
Even if the goals are set correctly, it is very important to know exactly how you will achieve them. An unrealistic outcome prevents you from achieving your goal. For example, you cannot lose 30 kilograms in a week without harm to your health or become a millionaire if you earn two thousand dollars a month. Unrealistic goals take away your emotional and physical resources, but the result is frustration and fatigue.

The irrelevance of the goal.
You should not try to achieve a goal because others have done it. It is a false goal. You must follow your true desires. Don’t waste time and energy to surprise the people around you. Follow your dream and use the resources you have. As a rule, people who understand their true desires receive a resource to achieve them. Alien and imposed goals do not motivate you to take action, so they remain unattainable.

Your environment.
If you live in constant criticism, disbelief in your capabilities, your path to achieving your goal will be long and difficult. If you decide to be successful, you will have to stop communicating with people who doubt you. Find like-minded people who can understand you. Also, you can observe people who were able to achieve their goals. Learn from them.

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