The main types of COVID-19.


While scientists around the world are looking for a vaccine against COVID-19, the virus is changing its form and symptoms. Each sick person has their symptoms, which are caused by the coronavirus. In some people, the disease is mild, which does not require hospitalization, and not some patients have a severe form of the virus, and, unfortunately, they cannot do without medical assistance. Each form of the virus needs your doctor’s supervision to determine the severity of the disease and methods of its treatment.

Regardless of the severity of the disease, you should see your doctor at the first sign of a viral infection.

Scientists are convinced that the severe form of the virus causes breathing problems. People who are sick cannot breathe oxygen because they are in pain. They experience the tightness of their chest. In this case, a severe form of the virus can disrupt the locomotor system.

Doctors cite several of the main symptoms of COVID-19.

Sore throat and lungs.
This symptom occurs in most cases. Scientists explain this by the fact that the virus enters the throat initially and causes inflammation, and then descends into the lungs. Once in your lungs, COVID-19 destroys them and kills your immune system.

This symptom refers to a severe form of the disease. Your body tries to fight off the virus and turns on defenses, which causes the temperature to rise. Sometimes high fever can provoke seizures and impaired brain function.

Most cases of COVID-19 are associated with pneumonia. However, doctors can only see it using x-rays or other types of diagnostics. Very often, the first signs of the disease appear when there is already pus or fluid in the lungs.

Disruption of the circulatory system.
Very often, COVID-19 causes blood clots to form in the vessels called blood clots. They can break away from the vessel and travel through the ones to the brain causing a stroke.

Loss of smell and taste.
This symptom occurs in over 60% of patients. Doctors believe that the cause of the lack of smell and taste is inflammation in the nasopharynx.

On average, it takes 5-6 days between the moment of infection and the onset of symptoms, but sometimes this period significantly increases.

Recent studies have shown that the mild form of the virus is as destructive as the severe one. After interviewing more than 100 recovered patients with different forms of the virus, scientists have identified the main types of COVID-19, which include the following forms:

  • loss of smell and taste;
  • with flu or cold symptoms;
  • muscle pain and joint inflammation;
  • inflammation of the eyes;
  • shortness of breath and pneumonia;
  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

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