The positive side of the pandemic.


As a rule, most people who have to be on self-isolation report discomfort and stress from such conditions. However, scientists have found that the pandemic evokes a variety of feelings, including positive ones. It is a bizarre statement that could spark controversy. But, do not rush to be indignant and find out the arguments of scientists.

Let’s start with the negative emotions you may experience during a pandemic:

  • fear,
  • anger,
  • stress,
  • loneliness,
  • anxiety, and so on.

If you have these feelings, that’s okay. You need to learn how to deal with them. You can have psychological help from a specialist. In addition, many psychological support centers assist free of charge in a pandemic.
Psychologists believe that an excess of information and distortion of facts in the media leads to an increase in the level of fear and anxiety. If you follow the news constantly and monitor the COVID-19 situation all time, you are probably under stress.

The main factors that provoke the growth of negative emotions are:

  • duration of self-isolation,
  • fear of infection,
  • fear of scarcity of resources,
  • dissemination of inadequate information.

Despite the negative impact of the pandemic, scientists have found a positive side to isolation.

The main positive point is the slowdown in the pace of life.
Self-isolation has become a pretext for a revision of lifestyle and priorities. Many people began to understand the consequences of their decisions. People have time to hear their needs and desires.
Also, many people return to their hobbies. They do what they enjoy leisurely to work.
People have learned to build their work schedules to have time for themselves and their loved ones. Many people say that the pandemic helped them spend a lot of time with their family, and they remembered that this is the most important value in their life. Therefore, they hope they can find the right solution to find a balance between work and family in the future.
Fear for their lives made people understand that some everyday problems do not matter. Therefore, people begin to appreciate what they have and be grateful for every day they live.
Psychologists say that many people have changed their attitudes towards life and their values, which will allow them to get a better life after the end of the pandemic.

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