The strawberry season is open! Hooray!


If you are one of those who cannot imagine summer without fragrant and juicy strawberries, we congratulate you on the beginning of the strawberry season. It is a berry that is loved by most of humanity around the world! Despite the tremendous benefits of this berry, some people should use it with caution. Therefore, if you want to understand whether you need to eat strawberries, consult your doctor if you have any chronic diseases.

Strawberry is a common plant throughout the world and comes in many varieties. The berries can have a light pink or dark red color. Also, each variety has its taste that can satisfy lovers of sweet or sour. The taste of strawberries depends on the region where they are grown. Berries from sunny hot countries have a sweeter taste than berries from northern countries.

Nutritionists assure that eating strawberries improves the condition of your skin due to their rich composition. Strawberries contain vitamins A, C, PP, B, E, K, pectin, fiber, useful acids, and trace elements. These ingredients create a healthy gut microbiome and feed your body with healthy nutrients.

Even though modern technologies make it possible to grow strawberries all year round, strawberries that grow in the fields contain more nutrients. The berry, which is grown ecologically, does not contain harmful impurities has a brighter taste and a rich aroma. The concentration of nutrients is highest in such strawberries.

The benefits of strawberries for your beauty and health.

Nutritionists recommend consuming strawberries in moderation every day throughout the strawberry season. You shouldn’t eat a kilo of strawberry at a time. In this way, you can harm your health. 300 grams of berries a day is enough to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

If you eat a daily amount of strawberry, you will keep your intestines working well and improve digestion. Also, strawberries improve blood composition, have a mild antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effect, improve the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, and enhance immunity. Plus, eating strawberries affects your emotional state. This berry boosts dopamine levels, which ensures a good mood and a sense of joy. Some people use strawberries as a natural aphrodisiac, but scientists have not confirmed this effect of strawberries on libido.

But even if you forget about the composition of strawberries, its taste brings a lot of pleasure and joy. Its sweet-sour taste and divine aroma make you forget about problems and enjoy the moment.

Unfortunately, not all people can enjoy the taste and aroma of strawberries. This berry has contraindications for use if you have an intolerance to strawberries, an ulcer or inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, inflammation of the intestines and diarrhea, allergies, and others. Also, women who are lactating should avoid eating strawberries, as this berry affects the composition of milk and can cause allergies in the baby.

Strawberries are a strong allergen that can cause allergic reactions even in healthy people if they eat too many strawberries. Therefore, observe the norm and do not risk your health.

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