Learn to be grateful to your body.


Gratitude is an important skill that you learn as a child. Many religions and spiritual practices use the practice of gratitude as the basis for spiritual development. But, as a rule, you learn to be grateful to everyone around you except yourself. When was the last time you said thank you to yourself? It may sound strange, but first of all, you should learn to thank yourself and your body. For many modern people, this is an impossible task. They are accustomed to criticizing and evaluating their bodies, finding flaws in them and scolding them for not meeting generally accepted standards.

Society imposes its standards on you, and you try to comply with them. By doing so, you are betraying your body. It tries to serve you as best it can, despite how you destroy it with unhealthy food, smoking, alcohol, sedentary lifestyles. Perhaps it’s time to say thank you to your body and stop scolding it for folds on the belly, extra centimeters on the hips, or small breasts. Your body is you.

By learning to accept your body, notice its beauty and uniqueness, you can learn to notice the beauty around you. Only by learning to love yourself, you can give love. A person shares what he/she is filled with. Love for the world starts with you.

We understand that self-love is a difficult process, but you can learn this skill in several ways.

Love begins with attention. You should learn to pay attention to yourself, your feelings, experiences, and desires. The best way to hear yourself is meditation. Start with 10 minutes every day and within a month you will notice that you hear your emotions and body signals.

Movement is life.
Nobody forces you to exhaust your body in the gym, but the movement is the key to a healthy body. Therefore, use the kind of physical activity that brings you joy and peace of mind. Yoga, walking, cycling are great sources of healthy movement.

Knowing the world and yourself is a difficult and exciting process that requires your attention and awareness. Many people, who have followed this path, wrote their thoughts on paper, and they became available as books. Find inspiring books and read at least a couple of pages every day. Reading allows you to understand that you are not alone on this path and that anything is possible.

The right environment.
Take a look around and understand who is around you. If you find people around you who constantly complain, notice only bad things, and do not accept their body, then you also start to think like them. Therefore, you should choose an environment that makes you smile. A smile is a message to the world about your love.

Place of your power.
You may have noticed that when you visit a certain place, you feel better, calmer, or happier. It can be a beach, a forest, a city, your parent’s home, a dance class, and more. Your task is to understand where this place is and visit it as often as possible.

The modern rhythm of life does not leave you time to notice what is happening around you. Therefore, to learn to thank yourself and your life, you need to learn to notice life. Therefore, take your time and, if possible, do everything consciously and slowly. Enjoy the taste of every bite of your food, listen to the sounds that surround you, look at the flowers that bloom on the streets of your city.

Your natural breathing process does not require your attention and therefore most people do not breathe correctly. As a rule, their breathing is shallow and fast, which does not saturate their blood with sufficient oxygen. Slow breathing helps relax your nervous system and energize your body.

Reflection in the mirror.
Start your morning by smiling at your reflection in the mirror. Do not judge what you see, just say words of gratitude and love to yourself.

Give thanks.
Every night, write down on a notepad everything you are grateful for and include your body on this list. Reread this list from time to time, and you will realize that your life is full of happy events and joy.

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