Three super effective Pilates exercises for your health.


In recent years, representatives of the world of fitness and sports have supported the idea that if you want to be in good physical shape, high-intensity training on the verge of your capabilities is the best way to achieve a result. Therefore, constant high-intensity training immerses the body in stress. But in recent years, more and more trainers and people who regularly do sports change their minds and understand that, in the first place, sport is healthy. In order for the body to be beautiful and healthy, it is necessary to give it time to restore. Procedures that help the body relax and get in shape are becoming popular. Also, some athletes introduce exercises with a low level of intensity into their workout plans, but at the same time, they affect all muscle groups. Pilates is very popular, which helps keep your body in good shape and has a healing effect.

Pilates has several advantages over other sports. First of all, during the Pilates exercise, even small muscles are connected to the work, which is ignored during hard training. After practicing Pilates, you will notice how your body becomes more flexible, your posture improves and you feel much better with every day.

Trainers are recommended Pilates to people who have a sedentary lifestyle, such as office workers who often suffer from cervical pain. Pilates exercise stretches the muscles and as a result, improves blood circulation in this area and the pain decreases.

We suggest that you familiarize with some effective Pilates exercises that you can perform as a separate complex or add to your regular workout.

To perform this exercise, you should lie on your belly on the floor you extend arms forward and raise your head slightly. Then raise straight legs to a height that is comfortable for you without bending them at the knees. Your spine should be straight and your pres muscles tense. After you are convinced that you have correctly positioned your body, you begin to raise your right arm and left leg at the same time, then lower and raise your left arm and right leg. Perform 10 such cycles. If you add this exercise in your daily workout you will improve the muscles of your back, pres, neck and relieves tension in these areas.

Chest expansion
To complete this exercise, you need additional equipment in the form of fixed tapes. You can do it either standing or kneeling; it all depends on how your ribbons are fixed. Note that the head should be in line with the vertebra, the abdomen is pulled in and the pelvis is twisted slightly forward. After making sure that you are standing correctly take the ribbons in your hands, lift them to the level of the chest, and then lowering them with the stretched ribbons, and bring them back a little. Repeat exercise 15 times. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the back and arms.

If you want to strengthen the muscles of your core, use this exercise as often as possible. Lie on your back, pull your knees to your chest and wrap your arms around them. In this case, your upper back rises and comes off the floor. Stay in a bent position throughout the exercise. Spread your arms to the side and straighten your legs. Then return to the starting position and do this exercise 10 times.

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