Tony Finau prepares for victory on the MJ5


The lack of trophies on the PGA Tour does not prevent the golfer Tony Finau from approaching to victory in the main championship. Tony is in the top 10 in all four tournaments. After he won the prize in the 2019 championship, everyone started talking about his chances to win the cup of the main game.

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This year in April he will appear in the Masters tourney. It is worth noting that he is one of the five best players of the tournament and this is not the first time he plays in this field. In 2018, Finau quite successfully participated in the Par-3 tourney, but sprained his ankle. Despite this, he continued the game and went to the very end with a damaged leg.

The golfer believes that this is one of the best fields in the world and hopes that this year he will be able to show the best result.

Finau is very seriously prepared for the upcoming tournament and pays much attention to his physical form. The basis of his training is the work in the gym, thanks to which he develops strength and endurance. He is sure that these qualities are simply necessary for any athlete if he wants to show high results. At the same time, Finau trains not only in season but also in the offseason he works hard in the gym. Hard work throughout the year distinguishes a good athlete from a mediocre one.

During training, the athlete uses the maximum amount of muscle. After strength exercises, he practices yoga and Pilates, which help to tear the mobility of the body. Yoga helps you form strong, toned muscles and gives a good stretching. At the end of the workout, he always does his cardio workout, for this, he uses an exercise bike.

Tony does not neglect the advice of colleagues and professional spot-players, which he applies if they suit him. According to Tony, the best advice that he has ever received and which he has been applying in his life for many years is to always be himself. He believes that the uniqueness of each person makes him successful, the main thing is to understand yourself and not try to copy someone.

Despite the great experience of playing on different tracks, the most expensive places for Tony’s heart remain in Salt Lake City where he grew up and went with his father and brother. Also, the golf star believes that every golfer dreams of playing on the Augusta National course. He had a match there with Tiger Woods, but luck was not on his side. This year, Tony hopes for a new meeting with Woods in the frame of the tournament and believes that this time he will be able to beat his opponent.

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