Truth and Myths about Healthy Eating.


Last few years, a new fashion for proper nutrition has invaded the world. In this regard, many bloggers on the Internet call themselves professional and give tips on how to eat to lose weight or gain muscle mass. And many people follow their advice,and they don’t think that maybe they got false information.

The abundance of this information confuses people, and they cannot decide between buying products at the supermarket when they can eat, what they can drink. As a result, a person develops increased anxiety and even such a phobia as a fear of food. But if you start to listen to the doctors and professionals, then you will understand that a person needs food in different forms and sufficient quantities. Using different restrictive diets does not bring health to your body. Although you can lose weight, at the same time you will feel bad.

We decided to dispel the five most popular healthy diet myths that nutritionists face every day.

A list of products that are equally beneficial or harmful to everyone.

Many bloggers like to advise on the use of a product, saying that it is incredibly useful. Or vice versa, they say that some product is very harmful to health and should be immediately excluded from your diet. They cannot claim this without test results. Only a doctor can determine which product benefits or harms you. Of course, there are several types of products that doctors write on the so-called blacklist, and do not recommend using them. These products can lead to microflora problems. Such products include foods with a lot of sugar, foods that contain a lot of salt, and sugary drinks.

Healthy eating is a tight fit.

Many people are afraid to abandon their usual way of life and are afraid of change. Change can be easy and stress-free if you take small steps in that direction. Do not immediately give up sweets, you can reduce its use. Reducing the dose every day you can achieve a result. Or find a healthy alternative. Replace milk chocolate with black, which has useful antioxidants and can be eaten in small doses.

If you are psychologically addicted to food, then try to find some other source of pleasure.

Vegetarianism and veganism are good for everyone.

If you want to have a correct and healthy lifestyle, you should understand that a person still needs animal protein. Special enzymes are produced in the stomach ( special acidity), which is necessary for processing animal protein. And if this kind of food does not enter the stomach, these enzymes cease to be produced. As a result, the level of acidity in the stomach changes, and as a result, the level of iron in the body decreases.

The exclusion of lactose and gluten adds health.

Many bloggers make one product as enemy number one. They do not think that this product also contains beneficial substances. If a person has a good tolerance for this product, then he/she can eat it and receive benefits about it. Gluten and lactose are dangerous only to a small percentage of people, and only these people will benefit from the exclusion of these products. If a healthy person excludes these products from his diet, then he/she receives harm and not benefits.

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