Criticism: types and ways to get rid of it.


People around you can often spoil your mood by expressing their opinion about your work or appearance. Some people are sure that their opinion is important to others and indicate the shortcomings of others. Criticism is a rather unpleasant thing that causes unpleasant feelings and can hurt self-esteem.

You have probably faced criticism and remember that even a small comment caused you resentment and indignation. After such words, you have to restore your self-esteem, and it takes a lot of strength and energy. Therefore, most people try to avoid people who criticize them. But how can you avoid communicating with a criticizing person if it is a relative or colleague?

The Internet contributes to the spread of criticism, and some people feel that they can rate strangers from a photo or video. Negative comments can lead to mental illness, especially in adolescents. Their youthful psyche cannot cope with the negative and leads to sad consequences. Therefore, if you are an active user of Tik Tok, Instagram, and other social networks, then you must learn how to deal with criticism.

Sometimes, criticism can be beneficial if it is expressed by a professional on that topic, and if the criticism is expressed in a respectful tone. The choice of words by which the critics express their opinion depends on whether these words will be heard. Therefore, if you belong to those people who like to express their opinion on any occasion, then make sure whether you are an expert in that matter and whether people need your assessment. If you were not asked, then perhaps your opinion is not interesting.

If you want to move quickly towards your success, you must try to deal with criticism and highlight those comments that will move you forward.

Before we recommend you some easy ways to deal with criticism, let’s take a look at the types of criticism you might encounter.

You are not meeting other people’s expectations.
Sometimes in relationships between people, there is a moment when one of them begins to accuse the other that he/she is doing something different from what was expected of him. If you are faced with such a situation, then you must understand that you are not to blame for what is expected of you that you cannot give. People look at the world from their side and are sure that everyone around them looks the same way. They begin to blame everyone who goes beyond their understanding of the world. You don’t have to match anyone else’s opinion. You have your own goals and values. Therefore, go your own way with people who understand you.

Criticism aimed at offending you.
You have probably met people along the way who criticize any of your actions. Their goal is not to recommend the best option for you, they just want to offend you. They feel superior and humiliate you with criticism. You should ignore their words.

Expert assessment.
If you want to hear constructive criticism, then ask an expert opinion. As a rule, they criticize the result of your work and suggest how everything can be corrected. They do not rate you as a person. Such an opinion moves you in front, and you perceive their words as a step to success.

Once you’ve identified the purpose of the criticism, you can choose how to get rid of it.

Take useful insights.
If you hear harsh criticism, you may hear useful ideas. Despite the unpleasant emotions, pay attention to these ideas and use them shortly.
Perhaps you do not see some of your mistakes, and they prevent you from moving forward. Criticism will help you look at the situation from a different angle. Don’t let your emotions get in the way of getting useful information from criticism.

The critic talks about himself.
As a rule, the critics talk about themself and their words have nothing to do with you. Everyone has their views on life and if you do not correspond to them, it irritates. Therefore, do not take these words seriously and tell yourself that these words are not about you. You can listen to the critic but look at him/her as a person who reveals his/her inner feelings and fears.

Control your emotions.
Criticism can be very painful and violent. When you begin to show your emotions, your critic will be happy because he/she has achieved his/her goal. When you are being criticized, abstract away and focus your attention on your breathing. This practice will help you control your emotions, and you will be able to assess the situation adequately.

Reduce communication with critics.
If there are people in your environment who constantly criticize you and your life, then the only way out of this situation is not to communicate with them. Even if there are your relatives, you can reduce the number of your meetings with them. Your meetings will become less and less frequent, thus you will clear your environment from toxic people.

Talk about your feelings.
Sometimes our friends or relatives make comments to us to help us become better. They do not understand that their words bring pain and blow to our self-esteem. If you are in such a situation, then just tell them that their words hurt you.

Don’t listen.
If you cannot exclude communication with the person who criticizes you all time, then do not listen to him/her. When he/she speaks unpleasant words about you, you should think about something else or go about your business. Don’t let the words of criticism settle in your head.

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