Vaping is questionable alternative to ordinary smoking.


Modern technologies allow us to make our life easier and more comfortable. Household appliances save us from routine daily work and can use the freed-up time for our hobbies or rest. Some technologies are designed to improve our health, such as e-cigarette. According to its developers, it is intended for people who want to get rid of nicotine addiction. They claim that the e-cigarette is a harmless replacement for cigarettes. But, doctors and experts of a healthy lifestyle doubt the benefits of such an alternative and assure that the harm of an electronic cigarette is no less than that of an ordinary one.

If we look at the device of the vape, we will see that it is filled with a flavored liquid, which consists of nicotine. Each type of vape can have its content, but nicotine is the main one in all cases.

When you use an electronic cigarette, you inhale a vapor that looks like tobacco smoke. This smoke is generated by the breakdown of liquid by a vapor generator.

Therefore, using an electronic cigarette does not eliminate nicotine, and your health is at risk.
Unfortunately, sometimes technological progress does not benefit humanity, so not all technical innovations can be used safely.

Electronic cigarettes are an example of technical developments that do not benefit people but take their health away.

Some modern manufacturers have started producing e-cigarettes without nicotine, but you still inhale the vapor that is produced from various liquids, and they are not always safe. The most popular ingredients that fill the vaping liquid are:

  • nicotine (absent in nicotine-free liquid);
  • glycerin;
  • distilled water;
  • propylene glycol (solvent);
  • dyes are used to add color to the liquid;
  • flavors are responsible for aroma and taste.

Even though vape manufacturers reassure consumers about the safety of their product, scientists have found that the liquid that fills e-cigarettes contains carcinogens nitrosamine and diethylene glycol. At the same time, these substances are contained in conventional cigarettes in much smaller quantities.
Also, formaldehyde was found in vapes, which can provoke fatal poisoning.

At the same time, manufacturers of electronic cigarettes hide the truthful information about the amount of these substances in liquid for cigarettes.

Scientists urge you to note that when an e-cigarette is heated, the concentration of these chemicals increases and turns the e-cigarette into poison.

If you try to get up smoking using an electronic cigarette, you get the sad result. Vaping contributes to the development of nicotine addiction and does not fight it. Even if you choose non-nicotine vapes, you get addicted to other chemicals that make up the liquid. In this way, you do not get rid of dependency, but replace it with a different kind.

Also, if you violate the rules for using vapes, they can catch fire or explode in your hands.

Many modern adolescents use vapes without realizing what harm they do to their young bodies. Poisonous substances accumulate in their bodies and can cause the development of cardiovascular diseases.
Also, teens are more likely to get addicted to nicotine or alkaloids faster. As a result of the regular use of vapes, adolescents get which form of persistent physical and mental dependence.

At the same time, scientists are sure that smoking vapes contribute to the development of the same diseases as smoking regular cigarettes.

Despite all the scientific facts, there are many supporters of electronic cigarettes smoking in the world. They claim that this is a safe way that does not harm their health and the environment. They give a lot of arguments that do not have scientific support. Also, supporters of vaping claim that they can smoke e-cigarettes can be smoked everywhere, because they are not prohibited by law for use in public places. At the same time, they say using electronic cigarettes is more economical.

Scientists and doctors disagree with this position of e-cigarette smokers and argue that e-cigarettes are not better than conventional ones.

Smoking is unhealthy in any case. Therefore, look for safe ways to free yourself from nicotine addiction.

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