The mistakes that prevent you from losing weight.


Even though your focus of attention is on the process of losing weight, the weight stands still and does not want to leave you. You are sure that you are doing everything possible and do not understand why this is happening. In the process of losing weight, mistakes are sometimes possible that inhibit weight loss and the appearance of a dream ырфзу. We suggest you analyze your weight-loss method and see possible mistakes that can inhibit weight loss. Seeing them you can correct the situation, and your weight will begin to decline.

No calorie deficiency.
You can exercise every day, but it will not help you lose weight if you eat more calories than you spend. Look at what you eat during the day and you may realize that your diet is rich in empty carbohydrates and sugar.

Sedentary lifestyle
If going to the gym is the only activity in your life, so your lifestyle is considered sedentary. Therefore, the body spends little energy and fat reserves remain in place. In addition to training, add activity to your life. For example, walk on the street every day, refuse an elevator and an escalator, use a car less often, and so on.

Muscle growth
Even if your diet and workout are right for you, sometimes the weight stops going off due to the increase in muscle mass. Therefore, you should focus on centimeters and not on pounds. Weight may stand in the same place, but volumes go away. Your body takes on beautiful forms, and this is more important than the indicators of scales.

Calorie restriction
If you decide to reduce the daily calorie intake dramatically, then this can stop the departure of extra pounds. A diet of less than 1100 – 1300 kcal can provoke hunger and you can not keep it constantly. As a result, you will eat a lot and this will lead to your depression. The diet should be balanced and saturate. Therefore, use the calorie content that saturates you, but at the same time, only healthy foods should be in your diet.

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