Walking barefoot: benefit and enjoyment.


Scientists claim that the foot has a huge number of receptors, the number of which you will not find in any part of your body. Therefore, it is a reflex zone, the stimulation of which affects the functioning of the brain. In addition, walking without shoes on grass or sand is a pleasure.

Today’s people hardly ever go barefoot, although this can help them reduce the damaging effects of stress. Just half an hour of walking without shoes can improve blood circulation, the work of the nervous system and the brain, normalize the work of the cardiovascular system, and reduce pressure on the spine. Walking barefoot helps prevent the development of fungus on your feet.

If you have small children, let them walk barefoot. This is an important technique for improving coordination of movement and the formation of the correct position of the feet and spine, which contributes to the development of muscles. Sand, lawn grass, artificial turf, or parquet flooring are suitable for children’s feet. Although you must be sure that this surface is not dangerous for your kids. Make sure there are no stones, glass shards, or other objects that could injure your children’s feet.

Walking on uneven surfaces with bare feet is beneficial not only for physical but also for mental health. This is a natural foot massage that relaxes your nervous system.
Scientists believe that walking barefoot is essential for people, like clean water and sunlight. It is a great way to combat chronic fatigue, stress, poor sleep, and so on. Therefore, you should take every chance to go barefoot. A park, a beach, a vacation home can help you improve your physical and emotional well-being.

You can walk barefoot on various surfaces. Each of them has a specific effect. Therefore, you can alternate surfaces. For example, move from stones to cool grass. The warm and soft coating calms down, so walking on the small pebbles of the beach, on the sand improves blood circulation and lymph drainage in the limbs.

Despite the many benefits of walking barefoot, you had better skip this activity if you have diseases such as foot fungus and cracked skin, diabetes mellitus, or an acute period of joint inflammation.

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