Walking is a workout accessible to everyone.


The modern rhythm of life has taken away moving from our daily routine. Of cause, we are moving fast, but we do it with the help of cars, elevators. People began to walk very little. And the human body is so arranged that it needs movement. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to go to work on foot, do it. Also, use the stairs and not the elevator. Some skeptics will say that walking is a useless activity, and it does not provide the necessary physical activity, which contributes to the burning of calories. Therefore, we decided to understand how to walk so that this process helps us become healthy and slim and dispel doubts about the effectiveness of walking.
It should be noted that fitness and healthy lifestyle experts believe that walking is a training of the cardiovascular system, which burns calories, increases the level of the hormone of joy, and trains the respiratory system.

side view of a couple walking on the beach

We pay your attention that a leisurely walk in the park does not apply to physical activity. Useful walking requires effort and energy expenditure. Therefore, you need to know some rules and nuances that make walking effectively.

According to Albert Matheny, RD, various factors affect fat burning during walking, such as your weight, speed, metabolic rate, and length of the walk. A normal-weighted person using a fast walking can lose 100 calories per mile. Of course, when you run, you will lose more, but not everyone can run due to health conditions, but walking is accessible to everyone.
If you want to lose more fat, try using walking to the top, it takes more energy and your calories burned.

Walking can replace an hour of jogging if you walk eight miles at a fast rhythm. You can burn 500 calories during this time. Therefore, you should leave the car at home and walk around the city to solve your daily problems while burning excess fat.

Nevertheless, you must take into account your state of health. If you have a very weak metabolism, then burning calories will be slower. Try to put in order your nutrition system, and then the process of losing weight will be faster.

If you find half an hour every day for walking at an intense rhythm, then you will burn about 120 calories. In truth, you will lose 250 calories if you run during this time, but your heart will be overloaded.

To increase calorie consumption, try to choose a route where there are hills that will increase the load and take more calories.

Walking is a great first step towards a beautiful and healthy body. If you have never been involved in sports or cardio workout is a difficult test for you, then choose brisk walking. Of course, if you are a marathon runner with experience, then walking is unlikely to give you the desired load.

However, for many people, walking is a lifeline from a sedentary lifestyle. This physical activity increases heart rate, which means you lose calories.
At the same time, walking is a very light and natural process that does not require special training, equipment, except comfortable shoes.

Also, walking can be combined with other types of training. You can do strength exercises, and once a day you spend half an hour of your time to walk.

For people who are injured and cannot exercise or run, walking helps to recover without overloading the muscles.

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